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What’s Zappo Been Working On? Konamoxt…

May 31, 2007

Some of you have probably noticed how little I’ve been blogging in the last couple weeks. Well, I’ve been “heads down” working with the rest of the Konamoxt founding team to put the final touches on our new product launch. And since we’ve built this product and service thanks to the inspiration of all of you in the fitness blogosphere, it makes sense for us to announce our beta in our blogs.

So here you go…

Konamoxt Beta is Launched

We are very excited to announce the launch of Konamoxt beta. We’ve been working hard for the last couple months to put this service together, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, but this is just the beginning.

Please, take the time to look around and sign up to our great new service.

What is Konamoxt?

Konamoxt is a gathering of active people committed to the fitness lifestyle. Konamoxt is inspired by a simple, but powerful idea:

What if we aggregated all the voices of fitness minded people together?

To learn more about Konamoxt see our About Section.

Why Join?

The short answer is we believe that fitness matters and we believe
that together, by sharing and supporting each other, we make the biggest
difference for ourselves and others.

If you want a much longer answer, see our About Section.

Would you like to join Konamoxt?Click here to sign up.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. Joining Konamoxt is both free and simple.

What can I do with Konamoxt?

By joining Konamoxt you are joining with other active people committed to a fitness lifestyle. Konamoxt is a place where you can be inspired by others and be inspiring to others; have conversations that make a difference; take action in your own life; and discover the benefits of an active fitness lifestyle.

Here are some of the key features at Konamoxt:

  • Your own Personal Blog: Starting a blog takes only a few minutes to set up and are simple to use. Blogs are an easy way for people to support and inspire each other.
  • Your own Training Log: Signing up gives you access to your own on-line training log. Your training log can be either public or private. Click here to see more detailed training log features.
  • Forums: Our forum section allows people to engage in conversations about fitness related topics. Click here to see our forums.
  • Events: The events calendar is a place for you to find events that are of interest to you; to add events that you would like to share; and to comment about events. Find events here.
  • Discover other people’s blogs: See what other people are saying about training, fitness, and life. Find topics of interest here.
  • Training plans and other articles: See our growing directory of training plans and other fitness articles. Training plans are available for beginning through advanced athletes and cover running, cycling and triathlon training. Training plans and articles are in our Library section.

Give us your feedback.

We appreciate you joining our beta program and helping us improve our product. We realize that there will be some rough edges and we look forward to your feedback. If you have questions or comments, need support, or would like to make a suggestion for features you would like to see please visit our Forums.

We hope you enjoy being part of the Konamoxt community.

My blog has moved to: is a growing online community of active athletes and fitness minded bloggers. At Konamoxt you can find training plans for running, triathlons, or cycling. Konamoxt is the only blogging platform designed for athletes with a built in workout log, that allows you to easily track your workouts as blog entries.Try workout log, training plans, and blog platform for free.

Plantar Fasciitis – All the cool kids are getting it

April 29, 2007

My blog has moved to: is a growing online community of active athletes and fitness minded bloggers. At Konamoxt you can find training plans for running, triathlons, or cycling. Konamoxt is the only blogging platform designed for athletes with a built in workout log, that allows you to easily track your workouts as blog entries.Try workout log, training plans, and blog platform for free.

Plantar FasciitisI think I need to go back and write reports for Weeks 14-16; not necessarily because I think anyone wants to read them (other than Mom and Dad who seem to read everyone one of my blog posts) but because I don’t want to forget what I did and how I did it. Although I have been keeping track of all my training in my training log, I realize now that the “color commentary” of the blog post is somewhat more useful than just the raw stats… Why you ask? Well, for example, in the context of my newly self-diagnosed “early” case of plantar fasciitis, I believe that if I had a closer detail of my training over the last month, I may be able to learn from my mistakes and not repeat the activity that lead to this injury again.

The good news is that this week was a “recovery week” and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I had a big Y-Guides camp out this weekend, which meant not having time for long rides or runs, and as I’ve just mentioned my foot has been starting to feel a little funny so I wanted to take some down time from running and aggressive cycling hill climbs and the like. I think the rest has served me well, although I am not back 100% on my feet, in fact, I am certain now of my injury and I am sure that taking it easy on the running for a couple weeks will be a good idea.

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Week 13 Report

April 1, 2007

Week 13 - Distribution of Workouts

I’m back! After a good week of rest and recovery (which still meant 9 hours of exercise), I am feeling rested and eager to get out and train and blog about training again. I didn’t necessarily intend to take a rest week from blogging, but it just worked out that way. Of course, I kept thinking about things to blog about, and in fact, today I even did some “filming” of my long run, I am going to attempt to put together a little video blog entry for later this week. In the mean time here is my Week 13 training report.

I decided to just let my exercise happen this week. I didn’t plan anything, except my long run today, and the 8.5 hour goal from the annual plan. I figured that if I had a go with the flow attitude about what, when, and how to exercise, that I’d get more of a mental rest and recovery and that would be just as good for me as a physical recovery. I thought I might try out a couple of new experiments (like running at a new track near my house) and possibly working on some fitness tests ideas and also paying closer attention to what I was eating. In the end, none of these “projects” worked out, and they will be good fodder for blog posts later this week. But I did succeed in getting a good recovery week in before the final 3 big weeks of “Base” (13.8, 16, and 18 hours).

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Week 12 Report

March 26, 2007

Week 12 - Distribution of WorkoutsOk, last week was a really meager effort in blogging…. cue sappy violin music… excuses, excuse… now, onward. No more feeling sorry for myself. Hey, it was a busy week. But I got all my training in, and for the most part I’m happy with my results. Good news is, I actually have got this posted by Monday as opposed to dragging it out until later in the week. More good news is that this week is a recovery week, which is good, because I need the extra time for work.

High level summary of what I learned about myself in week 12. Well, when the going gets tough, I gravitate toward what I like. Notice the giant blue pac-man shape eating the rest of my disciplines in the picture to the left. That would be cycling… my true joy, and oh yes… that’s where I go when things are hard… that would be my happy place. 😉

I’ve written in the past about how amazing triathlon is as a sport with subtleties and strategic complexity… (certainly compared to other endurance sports). I am most intrigued by the idea that different athletes have different strengths and they can tailor their race strategy around their strengths. For me… I am really happy that bike comes right after the swim, and is the longest. Why? Because I can tell myself throughout the swim, “Hey, as soon as you’re done here, you get to ride your bike!” and when I get out of the water, no matter how exhausted I am, I hit T1 and am jazzed that my race is “about to get going!”… Did I mention how much I love to ride my bike?

Anyway, this turned into a bike week… here are the details:
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