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Worse than I imagined

February 23, 2008

It’s time for me to get serious about my exercise and fitness.

I’ve been avoiding the scales for the last month or so… I knew they were going up. I knew I was breaking all the common sense rules of healthy living. I was exercising rarely, I was eating large portions, I was enjoying a drink or two with dinner, I was eating treats with the kids, I wasn’t sleeping well… these are all key ingredients to the recipe of weight gain. It was all capped off of course, by a decadent week in Puerto Vallarta. So, I’m home now, time to get serious… and that means first taking stock of the situation. Drum roll….

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Three Days Left Before Getting Serious

February 21, 2008

It’s time to get serious about my fitness.

Yep… I’ve decided… I have to kick myself back in shape. It’s time to start getting serious about training for this year’s Ironman, time to get serious about eating good healthy food, losing this extra weight that I’ve put on since last year’s Ironman, and frankly it’s time to start treating my body better.

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Puerto Vallarta Spin Class

February 20, 2008

I am in the midst of a much needed vacation, but I still want to keep my fitness.

Took a spin class at the hotel this morning. It felt good, but I am definitely out of shape. The hotel we’re staying at has a pretty nice spa and work out facility. The spin class instructor is apparently on the local Pro-Soccer team, and spends his off season as a personal trainer at the hotel.

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Free online coaching for Las Vegas Half Marathon

September 21, 2007

I am planning on running the Las Vegas Marathon. I’ll be running with a group of runners who are blogging as part of a fitness blogging community at Konamoxt is offering FREE online coaching from a certified running coach and personal trainer for the first 25 sign-ups. You get a free Las Vegas Half Marathon t-shirt, free coaching, a pre-race party at the event and a ton of support from other athletes who blog and track their training with Konamoxt’s free online training logbook.

Sign up today! And Join me and the other runners from

The Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon is a really cool event. You actually run down the Las Vegas Strip as part of both races. You might think running in Vegas would be hot, but it’s at the right time of year for the weather to be quite nice.

What is Konamoxt? Konamoxt is a growing community of athletes of all skill levels and disciplines: runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, hikers, and more. Konamoxt offers free training logs and training plans that are directly integrated into your blog. The training log has features that you find in other online products that require expensive monthly subscriptions. Konamoxt’s offers this training log for free. Plus they have state of the are blogging features like rich text editor, widgets, tons of really nice themes. In fact if you sign up for the Las Vegas Half Marathon training team you get some really cool looking themes exclusive the the Las Vegas Half Marathon training team. Cool stuff!

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