Product Launches are SOOO

If you’re reading this, then you found my new blog… and you probably have some idea what Konamoxt is, and maybe a little bit about how we got here.

If not, then please read this: “Welcome To Konamoxt”

As with any product launch there are bound to be a few glitches, and late last night after we “turned everything on” we got our first dose of those hitches. I guess I’m glad that we have so many friends in the UK as they were able to run into problems and tell us about them before the real flood hit in the US.

Today, being launch day, is one of those classic days of mixed up emotions… excitement over the new product finally being available, concern/caution over what problems might pop up, joy and pride in seeing peoples reactions to the product, etc.

My blog posting has been pretty sporadic the last couple weeks, now you know why… “Crunch time”… Over the next couple weeks, I’m sure we’ll still be in that crunch mode, but now I have to blog… it IS my job.

If you’ve been a reader of our blogs, then you’ve been in our thoughts as we built this product. Thanks again to all of you who’ve helped inspire us to get this far.

My blog has moved to: is a growing online community of active athletes and fitness minded bloggers. At Konamoxt you can find training plans for running, triathlons, or cycling. Konamoxt is the only blogging platform designed for athletes with a built in workout log, that allows you to easily track your workouts as blog entries.Try workout log, training plans, and blog platform for free.


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