Commute, an Out and Back, and some fun Hills Climbs

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It was a beautiful day, and Adrien forgot to make lunch for Zola, so I started my ride by commuting by bike to take Zola lunch. This meant climbing Capital hill… then I needed to decide where to ride. Hmmm….

I finally decided to ride an out and back toward Seward park. I am still fighting a cold so I didn’t want to push TOO hard. This was a nice flat course, but I was motivated to get my average up, which was relatively low thanks to the commuting in the city for the first leg of my trip.

On my way home, seeing I had some time to add to my workout, I decided to take a turn off before reaching home. I turned up Denny which turned out to be an awesome hill climb that just kept going and going and going.

Logbook Activity

  • Date: 05/25/2007
  • Total Time: 1:35:00.00
  • Distance: 26 miles
  • Average Speed: 16.42 mph

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