Kayaking around Portage Bay

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Saffron and Zola and I went for a Kayak trip around Portage Bay.

We rented a triple that had an odd setup, but it was actually perfect for one adult and two small children. The Kayak had 3 seats, but 2 “holes”. The back two seats were in the same seat hole and actually faced each other. So basically Saffron got to ride up front by herself and Zola and I rode in the back, with Zola facing me.

We saw a couple turtles, a family of geese including two baby goslings, a couple beaver homes, and lots of other various birds. The girls had a great time, although the water was quite choppy due to a 10mph+ wind.

I got a small blister on my hand from the paddle. I guess I need to wear gloves if I decide to take on the 100mile relay race with the paddle leg. 😉

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