Swimming and biking and running… Oh My!

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Downtown Seattle YMCA I’ve been working really hard the last couple weeks on my new business. I’ve been doing late nights working on putting together some final touches on a product we hope to release as beta soon… basically it’s crunch time. To make matters even more challenging, last week, my wife was out of town taking care of her father (who had a heart attack and didn’t even know it)… playing Mr. Mom is a lot harder than my normal job.

The point is my blogging has been compromised… but that’s ok, we all have priorities. I have been able to keep my training up, although I’ll admit that I probably haven’t been getting the fullest out of my sessions. I mean I’m supposed to be in the Build-1 period right now… out of Base… the goal of this period is to focus on increasing effort at a mid/heavy time load (15 hours/week). I’m getting in the hours, but I don’t have enough energy to really put in the intensity levels I want.

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One Response to “Swimming and biking and running… Oh My!”

  1. bettehall Says:

    Hi Brad,

    I know all about time being stretched and pulled. My schedule has also been quite hectic for the past couple months or so. My blogging has also been on the slim side, but you know–priorities.

    I joined the YMCA in February and I love it. Problem is, my outdoor running is suffering.

    Your swimming, biking, and running may not be where you want them to be, but at least you keep on going even when you’re tired.

    I believe we will both get our training routines back on track.

    Lots of luck and continued success with your new business.


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