National Bike Month – One of the Craziest Things I Ever Did!

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May - National Bike MonthMay is National Bike Month here in the United States, and in Seattle (like many metropolitan areas) our local bicycle public interest group has organized a “Commuter Challenge”. The basic idea of the commuter challenge is to encourage people to use bicycle commuting as a viable replacement for automobile travel, through a contest of various metrics. There are prices for most miles commuted by a team, most by an individual, most by a new commuter, most trips, most new commuters, most teams in an organization, etc, etc, the list goes on. I’ve participated in the event the last two years and found it to be an absolutely wonderful event that encourages healthy habits and ecofriendly transit alternatives, not to mention being a great excuse for me to challenge my colleagues to some macho duel and end up doing something really really crazy as part of it.

Last year for example… my 1,172.80 mile month of cycle commuting was capped off with a 126.5 mile night ride in the pouring rain. What in the world would make someone ride a bike a 126.5miles in the rain, in the middle of the night? Uh… have you read my blog?

So here’s how the story goes…


One Response to “National Bike Month – One of the Craziest Things I Ever Did!”

  1. RunningKate Says:

    that’s a great idea. I would love to ride my bike to and from work everyday, it’s only 5 miles away. unfortunately, the roads i’d ride on are dangerous. i tried it one day and almost got knocked off the side because the cars speed by and there’s no other route to take. good luck, enjoy!

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