One-Leg at a Time

My blog has moved to: is a growing online community of active athletes and fitness minded bloggers. At Konamoxt you can find training plans for running, triathlons, or cycling. Konamoxt is the only blogging platform designed for athletes with a built in workout log, that allows you to easily track your workouts as blog entries.Try workout log, training plans, and blog platform for free.

Pedal Stroke Diagram - with color coded feet/leg positions.How about a cycling specific post? It seems like I haven’t written about cycling in a while, so today on my LSD ride (that’s Long Steady Distance) I did a lot of thinking about some cycling training topics that may be worth exploring. While I was pedaling away at a very steady (and a little slow) pace of 16mph, with a low low heart rate of around 110-120, I decided to do some one-legged intervals.

What? You’ve never heard of one-legged intervals before? Here’s a quick explanation of what they are and how they may help you in your cycling, triathlon, and maybe even your run training…


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