Transitions: The Race Within the Race

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My Trainsition SetupIf you’ve been following my blog or even just read my most recent post on my first triathlon this year, you’ve probably noticed that I put a lot of thought into fast transition times. You might be wondering, what all the hub-bub us about… why worry about those little parts of the race, they aren’t really physical activity right? They aren’t a measure of fitness, right?

Of course, not everyone does triathlons for the race experience. Even if you don’t feel like you’re competitive, triathlons are fun, they let your exercise more safely because they have built-in cross training, which decreases your chances of injury, and the triathlon community is really a bunch of nice and very interesting people. But if you do want to race, then don’t ignore your transitions, because there are valuable seconds (minutes) and places in the rankings to be gained in transition.

Here are some of my tips for fast transitions…


3 Responses to “Transitions: The Race Within the Race”

  1. Arun Says:

    Good post on transitions.

    Hyde Park London for the London Olympic Triathlon 2012

  2. Stuart Cross Says:

    good to see posts concerning trathlon techniques

  3. london olympics Says:

    looking forward to triathlon in london

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