Speeding Ticket! – The Elma Easter Sprint Triathlon Race Report

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Speeding TicketThe scene: 9:24am, Interstate-5, somewhere around Kent, WA. “el ZappoMan” is pulled over by the Washington State Highway Patrol for “speeding”… I guess you could say it was an omen… the question is, will it be a good omen (he must have woken up fast), or a bad one (just the start of things to come).

It was the first race of the year, so I was eager to get there. Although day of race registration, and check in wasn’t until 10:30, and the race wouldn’t begin until 12pm, I had a 90 mile drive ahead of me. So after making breakfast for the family (Chocolate Chip Pancakes, eggs, and sausage…. yum!) I loaded my bike on the top of the car and headed down the road.

Read the rest of this race report on ZappoMan.konamoxt.com…


3 Responses to “Speeding Ticket! – The Elma Easter Sprint Triathlon Race Report”

  1. RunningKate Says:

    That stinks you got a ticket!!! Only if it were for running too fast in the ways of ‘speeding’… Hope all worked out!

  2. lsabin Says:

    Congratulations! Maybe the adrenaline of getting a ticket helped your performance. If my swim time was under 5 minutes for a sprint tri, I’d probably do more of them! The sprint just may be your event!

  3. Quick Update « Ironman + Medical Student = IronMed Says:

    […] glad I signed up for it. I finished 11th overall and 1st in my age group. In fact, I mimicked Zappoman’s race day error of getting a speeding ticket. And for the record, going 80mph in a 70mph zone on the interstate at 6am should not be considered […]

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