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My blog has moved to: zappoman.konamoxt.com

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For some reason, I feel like I haven’t posted in a while. It’s only been a couple days, but I’ve been busy with a ton of work and training… and all kinds of other random things. I don’t want to sound apologetic, but I might… I know I owe you all (and myself) a Week 14 report, but that will have to wait.

This week, I have a huge 16 hours of training planned, and I’m making progress on achieving that goal… but to top it off, I plan on racing my first triathlon of the year this weekend… that means I’ve had to actually do most of my training during the week, instead of waiting to the weekend to pile it on.

Yesterday I did my long run… 16.7 miles. Today I did a very slow 40mile bike ride. Tomorrow I will go for a long swim session… I think I’ll do an easy full 2.4 mile or more swim in the pool…. yeah… 240 lengths of a pool… how dreadful. 😉 Saturday, I’ll have a mini-taper, and do only a very light hour on the bike or possibly some open water swimming if I can convince my Dad to come be a lifeguard for me.

Then Sunday I drive to Elma, WA, population 3,000 good old Pacific Northwest Logging Country… we’re talking rednecks! Ok, that wasn’t nice… but probably true… Other than the guy who puts on these great little themed sprint triathlons… mostly us “athletes” are considered oddities to the locals.

My plan all along is for this to be a “train-through” event… so I’m not really concerned about my time or doing a real taper. But this race has a little bit of sentimental value to me, because last year at this time it was my first triathlon. I actually did pretty well, coming in first for my age group and 5th place overall. I would like to say I hope to do as well again this year… but I think that was beginners luck. I do plan to use the same strategy this year… and we’ll see if I get results.

Here’s a mini recap/race report from last year… My first triathlon…

Read the rest on ZappoMan.konamoxt.com…


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