You choose: “Skinny and Fat” or “Fat and Fit”

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I got this article sent to me in email and I thought it was interesting, so I figured I’d share it.

The basic issue that the article discusses is the fact that people who appear to be skinny and have a relatively normal Body Mass Index can actually have too high of Body Fat percentage. The article points out that “you could still be at risk for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome if your fat mass is greater than 30 percent of your body weight. “

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One Response to “You choose: “Skinny and Fat” or “Fat and Fit””

  1. RunningKate Says:

    True. It’s amazing how many friends I’ve had who were ‘skinny’ and flabby or never worked out. As life goes on, those people have put on more body fat – because your metab. slows regardless.
    Anyway, good article. It’s more important to be fit, keep strong and stay healthy. Being skinny shouldn’t be a primary reason to workout, otherwise – the motivation will die off too easily… that’s why staying fit is so difficult!

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