Week 13 Report

Week 13 - Distribution of Workouts

I’m back! After a good week of rest and recovery (which still meant 9 hours of exercise), I am feeling rested and eager to get out and train and blog about training again. I didn’t necessarily intend to take a rest week from blogging, but it just worked out that way. Of course, I kept thinking about things to blog about, and in fact, today I even did some “filming” of my long run, I am going to attempt to put together a little video blog entry for later this week. In the mean time here is my Week 13 training report.

I decided to just let my exercise happen this week. I didn’t plan anything, except my long run today, and the 8.5 hour goal from the annual plan. I figured that if I had a go with the flow attitude about what, when, and how to exercise, that I’d get more of a mental rest and recovery and that would be just as good for me as a physical recovery. I thought I might try out a couple of new experiments (like running at a new track near my house) and possibly working on some fitness tests ideas and also paying closer attention to what I was eating. In the end, none of these “projects” worked out, and they will be good fodder for blog posts later this week. But I did succeed in getting a good recovery week in before the final 3 big weeks of “Base” (13.8, 16, and 18 hours).

More details at ZappoMan.com…


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