Week 12 Report

Week 12 - Distribution of WorkoutsOk, last week was a really meager effort in blogging…. cue sappy violin music… excuses, excuse… now, onward. No more feeling sorry for myself. Hey, it was a busy week. But I got all my training in, and for the most part I’m happy with my results. Good news is, I actually have got this posted by Monday as opposed to dragging it out until later in the week. More good news is that this week is a recovery week, which is good, because I need the extra time for work.

High level summary of what I learned about myself in week 12. Well, when the going gets tough, I gravitate toward what I like. Notice the giant blue pac-man shape eating the rest of my disciplines in the picture to the left. That would be cycling… my true joy, and oh yes… that’s where I go when things are hard… that would be my happy place. 😉

I’ve written in the past about how amazing triathlon is as a sport with subtleties and strategic complexity… (certainly compared to other endurance sports). I am most intrigued by the idea that different athletes have different strengths and they can tailor their race strategy around their strengths. For me… I am really happy that bike comes right after the swim, and is the longest. Why? Because I can tell myself throughout the swim, “Hey, as soon as you’re done here, you get to ride your bike!” and when I get out of the water, no matter how exhausted I am, I hit T1 and am jazzed that my race is “about to get going!”… Did I mention how much I love to ride my bike?

Anyway, this turned into a bike week… here are the details:
(Read the rest of this article on ZappoMan.com…)


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