I’ve been slacking? Really?

Ok, so I won’t beat myself up too much. But I feel like blogging is an important outlet for me. I have a lot of ideas that come to me as I’m out exercising/training, and I think about how much I’ve learned and how much I still have to learn. I want to share my experiences and I really really want to get feedback from people that I’ve met through the blogging community, and hopefully learn from all of you. If I disappear, if you disappear, I can’t learn, and for me… learning, and communication is a very important driving force of what makes me tick as a human being, and frankly, is a huge part of what I believe makes us tick as a human species. So I owe it to myself, and to the world, to blog, right?

Well, in that spirit, here’s a collection of random things I’ve been thinking about for the last couple days that I should have, but haven’t yet blogged about.
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One Response to “I’ve been slacking? Really?”

  1. lsabin Says:

    For some reason I feel like I need to exercise to clear my mind. I think about things I’d like to share in my blog when I am running.

    I’ve read from Jeff Galloway, former Olympian, that you should run your long runs 2 minutes per mile slower than your normal running pace. I have always struggled with this. 8-8:30 pace feels pretty good to me when I am healthy. 10:30 feels way too slow. I would rather use heart rate as a gage. I think there is some benefit to running easy, by that I mean 65 – 75% max heart rate. If my max is 200, then I would be running at about 150 BPM. This makes more sense that running 10:30 min miles.

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