Wow, you exercise a lot! (or… How I stopped thinking of exercise as a chore.)

I’ve seen a couple of posts lately and had a couple of conversations lately that got me thinking about how much I exercise, and what it is that makes someone think about exercise as a chore vs. something they look forward to. Now, mind you, I recognize that my exercise schedule is probably pretty hard to believe for must people. We all live busy lives and so the idea of spending 12 hours or more per week doing exercise sounds like a lot. Even to me, when I write that down on paper, it looks like a lot of time… but when I’m doing it, or even when I’m planning my week or my day, it really doesn’t seem like a lot. Why is that?

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One Response to “Wow, you exercise a lot! (or… How I stopped thinking of exercise as a chore.)”

  1. lsabin Says:

    I got inspired when I ran a 10K off no training after my daughter was born. Then I went down and volunteered for the Hood to Coast Relay. I saw so many runners of all ages, shapes and sizes. I got excited about running. It was fun and challenging. I also felt like it was something I could do. It made me feel like I belonged to a group of cool people.

    I think being a triathlete is the same. There are all these great people out there that you have something in common with. It makes you feel connected.

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