Week 10 Report

Week 10 - Distribution of WorkoutsI know my blogging has been very slim lately. It’s interesting that maybe a bunch of us have reached that point in the year when many people abandon the promises they made at the new year. I don’t want to be one of those people… so I will redouble my efforts to continue to blog. The good news is that I haven’t slowed in my training, in fact I’m on pace. But I’ve increased the amount of work I’ve been doing, and so blogging has taken a back seat. Anyway… on to my weekly report (for last Mon-Sun).

Last week was week 1 of my Base-2 block. The plan was to complete 12.5 hours of training, at moderate intensity level. I planned to divide my effort at roughly 40/20/20/20-Bike/swim/run/other. But I am not that structured in my weekly routines so I end up with whatever I end up with. Also, as I mentioned the weather and an unexpected shopping trip on Saturday changed my plans around a bit. I try to keep a pretty open mind about what training I do, so that I’m not frustrated or disappointed when unexpected things prevent me from getting in specific workouts. This week, that flexibility paid off, since although I got in the time, I didn’t have the original distribution I expected.

Details follow…

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