Week 9 Report

Week 9 Workout DistributionWeek 9 was all about recovery. Like most of my training, I took this pretty seriously, and kept myself busy with other things so that I would be less tempted to go out and ride a long ride. Even with that, I still ended up doing almost 10hours of exercise this week (8.5 was the goal)… but most of this extra work was in the form of “strength training” with my friend Tyler… which means the times are a little inflated because I have more sitting around with him chatting.

I also had a pretty busy week with work, which was good, because I needed to get a lot done. The next couple weeks are going to be hard with 12.5, 15, and 17 hours scheduled, particularly when I consider how much work I need to get done on my new business I am starting. The good news is that being my own boss means I get to set my own schedule, the bad news is that I can’t sit around and collect a paycheck… I need to get out there and get this business off the ground. But, the silver lining is I am having a great time with the work, and I enjoy my freedom.

Here are the details for this week…

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