Recover Week Musings: Why can’t I eat whatever I want?

If any of you have been wondering why I haven’t been as active posting and blogging this week, it’s because I’ve been taking full advantage of my recovery week to work on work… and that means I did a good job of pivoting my center of focus from “training” to other things. Since my fitness blog is mostly now about my training and what I think of and about related to that training, it means the blog hasn’t been front and center.

But I have kept in touch with some forums out there and reading email, and I actually found myself in an in interesting discussion about whether or not very active people can eat whatever they want whenever they want. This is a fascinating subject to me… because, well… I like to eat, and I’m a pretty active guy, and so, I’m eager to find the magic spell that let’s me eat whatever and whenever I feel like it. But sadly in my life so far, I haven’t discovered that thing… even training for and completing an Ironman triathlon wasn’t some magical get out of the glutton jail for free card.

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