Resistance Training and Weightloss

I got an email today from someone who heard about my fitness journey, and had some questions about how I got more fit while avoiding the weight room.

HI. First of all, congratulations on your achievements!

You said you started off with a 36% BF and now are below 20%, how did you do that without any weighlifting? I assume based on what your goals are that you do not try to stay within the BF burning HR zone while training. Did you just build a lot of musle in your legs to lower your BF %? I have lost 70 lbs and my BF % lowered only about 1 or 2% and I am still around 34%.

Let me first say congratulations to this reader. It’s really great that he has lost 70lbs, and has obviously made a commitment to changing to a healthier lifestyle. But he asks a good question and touches on a couple concepts I’ve heard a lot about… “fat burning zone”… can you get healthy without weight training… etc.

Here is my reply to this email…
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One Response to “Resistance Training and Weightloss”

  1. lsabin Says:

    Congratulations to both of you. I am not in love with weight training either, but I am sold that it makes a difference in terms of increasing lean body mass, and decreasing body fat. It also helps prevent injuries.

    Riding hills and running will lean up the legs, no question. Spending time in the weight room and doing power yoga helps with getting leaner and more toned overall.

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