Week 8 Report – Base 1 Done… time for a rest week!

Week 8 Workout DistributionWeek 8 Complete – Whew! I’m finally done with Base 1… This last week was really hard. First of all 16 hours of training. That’s not the most I’ve done in a week, but it felt like a lot with all the other things I’ve got going on. Second, speaking of things going on, this week started out with 3 days “vacation”… which was actually pretty stressful for me, as it meant adapting my training schedule around the vacation, and it put a cramp in getting work done which meant more pressure on the training schedule. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it Thursday night, but it all worked out in the end. Like last week, I am being particularly aware of trying to keep in a nice low to mid effort base zone, so although there is a lot of volume of hours the work effort in each session has been low. That being said, I was pretty tired last night, and this weeks rest/recovery week couldn’t have come at a better time.

Thursday night, I was doubtful I was going to be able to make my required training for the week, so I had to sit down and make a weekend game plan. I had to complete 9 hours over the weekend. A couple long rides, a couple of runs, some swimming, and a strength session with my buddy Tyler made everything workout. The highlight was clearly the Chilly Hilly.

Here are the details for this week…

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One Response to “Week 8 Report – Base 1 Done… time for a rest week!”

  1. lsabin Says:

    Nice job! I’ll bet your legs are fried. I know the hill you are talking about. It’s a tough one. I was glad to be a whimp this year and skip the ride!

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