Gym Etiquette

Today I went to the gym for two of my three workouts… oh that sounds like a big deal, but really it was a light day (only 90 minutes, 30 of which were commuting on my bike to the gym)… In the process I was reminded about the delicate balance of gym etiquette. In fact I was a party to two cases of poor gym etiquette, one case where I was an innocent bystander, and another case where I was accused of being a perpetrator of poor etiquette.

I thought I would document these cases, in a sense to acknowledge my faux pas, or maybe to ask the wisdom of the community as to exactly how big of a deal these breaches really are…

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2 Responses to “Gym Etiquette”

  1. noelryan Says:

    One breach, one not so breach:

    1) For some reason, people in my gym think is ok to get straight out of the shower and walk to their lockers without stopping to towel down. Not only do you get a trail of water across the changing rooms like a snail, but then the area around the locker becomes a small lake. The number times I have pulled one of my gyms socks, put my foot down and found my foot has become as wet as a sponge!! GRRR!

    2) For some reason, alot of the men in my gym have taken to drying themselves with a hairdryer, rather than a towel. Not sure if they have forgotten their towels (use a t-shirt!) or have really sensitive skin (then moisturise!) but it looks weird seeing a guy blow-dry his legs!

  2. zappoman Says:

    I totally agree about the hair dryer thing… that’s just plain weird!

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