Crazy Steep Hills!

Map of Simonds RoadToday I took on my craziest hill effort on my fixie. Now I’m sure that if some serious critical mass style fixie rider ever finds this post, they will laugh at this claim… but for me, this was a serious hill workout. Simonds Road in Kirkland is a notoriously steep hill. I’ve ridden it a couple times on my road bike, but it’s not really a road you’d ever have to go on to get anywhere, so I find you’d really only ride it if you intentionally want to inflict pain on yourself or your riding partners. Today was one of those days… I wanted to hurt!
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One Response to “Crazy Steep Hills!”

  1. Phil Sabin Says:

    I know that hill well. If you start at logboom park, go up Simonds, take a right at the bottom, then turn right at Juanita Beach and go up Juanita hill back to logboom – it’s almost a perfect 10 mile loop.


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