What is Fitness?

So here’s an interesting question, what is fitness? Really… I mean, I am probably pretty fit by many definitions. But the truth is there are so many different ways to be fit. To live a fit life, to have a level of fitness.

Today, these days, lately, recently… (I’m not sure how to describe it)… I have decided that long distance triathlon is the “thing” I am personally most interested in. My fitness goals should therefore be geared toward doing “well” in that event… how ever I define well. Do I want to finish? Do I want to finish in a particular time? Do I want to do better in some portion of the race that a past performance. These are all decisions I must make in order to make my fitness appropriate to my goals. Once I’ve made those decisions, then I need to develop (and execute) against a training plan to improve those areas of fitness.

Hopefully in this process, I won’t lose sight of the fact that fitness is more than a race or a particular “tuning” goal, but fitness is a life attitude that you can take to any new adventure and apply your skills of tuning your fitness to be “task appropriate”.

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