Week 7 Report

Week 7 - Workout DistributionWeek 7 Complete – This was a big week jumping to 14.5 hours of workouts. This isn’t the most exercise I’ve ever done in a week, as I had several 16+ hour weeks last year, but this is definitely a lot for this early in the season. The good news is that I am being particularly aware of trying to keep in a nice low to mid effort base zone, so although the hours are long they aren’t particularly hard.

I had to pile up the hours on the weekend again because I was so busy during the week with work. Next week looks to be a similar challenge as we are doing a mini-vacation to Victoria BC for Mon-Wed. Although my wife made sure the hotel has a pool and fitness center, I am sure that it will be difficult (read: impossible) to put in 2:22 of exercise per day. This weekend is the Chilly Hilly, the first “organized” ride of the year around here. It will be fun to catch up with some of my buddies from the cycling community. But more on that next week.

Here are the details for this week…

(More on ZappoMan.com…)


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