Drat! Gaining weight! — Time to watch my diet!

Yep, I have put on about 6lbs in the last week and a half. Now normally my weight fluctuates throughout the day by as much as 5lbs, so this may not sound like much. But when I say I’ve gained 6lbs, I mean that the median point of my fluctuations has crept up by 6lbs. This morning when I stepped on the scale I was 149lbs, and ten days ago in the morning I weighed 138lbs… So this is real weight gain.

Ok, ok, I bet at least one person out there thinks one of the following things:

  • Well, duh! You kept talking about all the weight lifting you were doing, and how you were feeling stronger, of course your weight is up, you’re adding muscles!
  • Well, duh! You had a great valentines day feast, it sure looked good to me… it was probably loaded with calories.
  • Dude! You weigh 144lbs soaking wet, you’re an Ironman, you are totally fit, stop worrying about gaining a couple extra pounds!

These are all very reasonable things to say… and I’m sure that muscle mass and temporary water retention from the high carb week of candy have something to do with it… but I am also convinced that my generally lackadaisical eating habits are also contributing. So it’s time to get serious about paying attention to what I eat.

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One Response to “Drat! Gaining weight! — Time to watch my diet!”

  1. noelryan Says:

    This is a neat post from goingforit that lays down a quick and easy way to assess if a food item has the right balance of carb / protein / fat for an athelete

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