Tunes while you Train!

John Rankin had a great post about what he listens to while he runs…  and it got me thinking.

I love music! In fact, I used to own an independent record label here in Seattle years ago, back before we were calling slowed down punk rock in a minor key “grunge”. Now days, I just listen to music. I love to listen to music while I run or ride… I wish I could listen while I swim… I’ve seen some underwater ipod contraptions but they freak me out.

My ipod’s been acting funny lately, I think it’s going to die soon. It seems to only last about 20minutes, even with a full charge. I will probably by some stereo headphones for my Blackberry Pearl soon so I can switch to using that as my “convergence” device.

Anyway I have about 5,000 songs on my ipod, and I leave it in shuffle repeat all mode all the time. So basically I will get a different random selection of music every time I’m out. My collection is kinda mixed up with rock, punk, country, hip-hop/rap, ska, rock-a-billy, metal, jazz, big band, strange stuff…

 In the spirit of a ride, here’s what the next 30 songs on my ipod would be…

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6 Responses to “Tunes while you Train!”

  1. lsabin Says:

    I had one of the original ipod minis. In fact I ordered it online before they were available in stores. I recently upgraded to a video ipod because they have more memory and I can watch movies when I travel. We bought our daughter one for Christmas and were saved from boredom when the power went out. We snuggled in and watched The Pirates of the Carribean.

    Here is one of my favorite playlists:

    Lose Yourself-Eminem
    Let’s Get It Started-Blackeyed Peas
    El Matador-Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
    Die Another Day-Madonna
    One Week-Barenaked Ladies
    Mirror In The Bathroom-Enlish Beat
    Toxic/Yeah-Mix Brittany Spears/Usher
    Baba O’Reily-The Who
    I Want To Break Free-Queen

  2. lifeoutside Says:

    My sister bought the new Nano??!??!! WHY? God you might as well get the 30 gig. It’s so darn tiny, the width is like one of a silicon wafer. Knowing how clumsy and rough I am, no way would it last. I think they should have kept the mini around… now I”m totally happy with it’s size especially that it’s the one I use! A personal rule.. I never have my ears covered when I’m running the trails…roads yes to cover the road noise.

  3. cynthia Says:

    weird… I left a comment on this one and it is gome… did you get rid of it for somereason?

  4. zappoman Says:

    Cynthia, your comment is available here…

  5. zappoman Says:


    One advantage to the nano is support for the cool new nike+ gizmo.

    I have one of the old 6GB ipod mini’s, like you, I think that was a great form factor… but I guess I’d change my mind if I had one of the newer ipods with color screens and all the other bells and whistles.

  6. JDay Says:

    Hey, if you are into contests there is a great contest on YouTube for Valentines Day. The contest is to create a video for the holiday. Actually its two contests, one is to make a video talking about your great love and the second is to actually do an online video proposal called “Will You Marry Me?” Here’s the URL Right now there are very few entries so you might have a good shot at winning.

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