Week 5 Report

Week 5 - Workout DistributionWeek 5 Complete, starting of Month 2 and the last week of my “Prep” period. Next week it’s time to get more structured as I’ll be moving in to Base.

Although I didn’t really need it, or intend for it to work out this way, week 5 became a bit of a recovery week. Namely both my volume and intensity of workouts seemed reduced from last week. I even took Monday off completely from any exercise at all. I know it’s good to take a day off every now and again. In fact I’ve been doing a lot more thinking about structure as I move deeper into the training season. I’m thinking about ways to keep my overly-driven type-A personality relaxed on those rest days that will be coming.

Like last week, this week was definitely random, I’ve been really absorbed in my work project and so I’ve been working late into the night and waking up late so finding time to workout has been a little tough. I definitely fell off my process goals for strength training and swimming even more than last week, but I’m not going to let that distract me… two weeks in a row, isn’t good, but I’m going to take it as a wake up call to get more structured. I’m not as concerned about the strength training, as that really was more about me starting to enjoy strength training, and I feel like I’ve gotten over that hurdle.

Last week I said:

“I am going refocus my efforts for next week as I continue to find a workable model for family, work, training, blogging, and play. I definitely want to make a goal for next week to find some more structure; but looking ahead to the schedule I can already tell that’s going to be hard.”

Well… I didn’t really make it… I mean, worked hard, I got some good training sessions in, I had a lot of fun with my family, but I just sort of stumbled through the week like a bull in a china shop. I “knocked some things off my list”… but it was pretty messy.

Detailed breakdown follows…

(more on ZappoMan.com…)


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