Maybe I am a runner?

Woodland Park Track - SeattleI planned to do my first speed play workout for the year on Thursday night, so I rode my bike to my local public park with a dirt 400m track. It’s a pretty good setup, not any real facilities to speak of, but there are lights that stay on late into the evening, and a couple of bleachers for the soccer field that the track surrounds. I like to ride my bike and then set up a little base camp next to the bleachers where I lock my bike and leave my water bottle readily accessible for sips between laps. The problem is, when I got to the track, I noticed that the track was completely swamped… It looked like a monster truck rally had been through.

What was I gonna do? I couldn’t run in this… I mean, I’ve run in worse, but it wasn’t going to be a speed workout. Ok, change of plans… I’ll ride back home, and just do a trail run…

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