Week 4 Report

Week 4 - Distribution of Workout TypesWeek 4 Down… This week was definitely random, but I got in some solid base work on all three disciplines. I fell off my process goals for strength training and swimming ever so slightly, but I’m not going to let that distract me. I am going refocus my efforts for next week as I continue to find a workable model for family, work, training, blogging, and play. I definitely want to make a goal for next week to find some more structure; but looking ahead to the schedule I can already tell that’s going to be hard.

As for training goals: I am continuing to progress on integrating strength training into my regular routine. I didn’t do a formal strength training every day this week. Friday I helped move and setup my new strength training system, so I moved weights around, but I didn’t actually do a formal workout. Saturday, I did a real long/hard 51 mile ride with 2000+ft of ascent on my fixie bike, so I’ll call that a leg strength training session, although again, it wasn’t really a formal weights session. I let my flexibility slide a little this week as well. And as a final blow to being process oriented, I only swam twice this week. But, as I said, I’m not going to let this get me off track, I had a solid week of training, and I am happy with my progress.

Detailed breakdown follows…

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One Response to “Week 4 Report”

  1. rayk Says:

    bear down baby…it can be tough to stay the course and execute but you can do it. i personally had a little slack time this week but i’m “training” with you too brother, just at a slightly different level.

    keep it BHG.


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