New Toys (part 2) – Weight Set/Strength Training Machine

New Toy - Weight Machine (view 1)So yesterday I didn’t really get much done during the day. I took the kids to school in the morning, then came home to wait for my buddy Tyler to come by. See, Tyler has been telling me for about a year now that he would “loan me” his weight set. I’ve been telling Tyler, that anytime he wants to bring his weight set by, I’d be willing to let him store it in my garage for absolutely no charge, so long as he sets it up and I get to use it whenever I want… after all it’s in my garage, right?

Well, finally Tyler was ready to act on this idea… so around 9:30, I get the call, that he’s “on his way over”…. he just has to pick up his Dad’s truck, and then he’ll be right there. “What time are you really going to be over here? 4pm?” I ask… “I’ll see you in an hour, Dude! Oh yeah, why don’t I just pick you up on the way from my Dad’s and then you can help me load the truck up and it will take less time.”…. hmmm, I seem to remember the deal being he’d bring it over, I’d store it, now suddenly, I’m helping him load it up too… I suspect there’s more to the story. “Ok, if it speeds things up.”



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