New Toys – Finally I can look like the cool kids, and enjoy my fixie!

My Bike - Is that snow on the ground? As many of you may have probably picked up from reading my posts about cycling lately, I’ve become obsessed with my new single-speed/fixed-wheel (fixie) Redline 925. Since I bought it back in November I have not ridden any other bike. I’ve put over 750 miles on it.

Well, the guys at Recycled Cycles put a straight bar on it before they sold it to me, because according to them, the stock mustache handle bars weren’t attracting any potential buyers. I’ll admit the straight bar is cool, cooler in my book than the mustache… but not nearly as cool as drops or bullhorns would be. But alas, I was eager to get the new bike and so I didn’t quibble with them over the handlebars.

But, 750 miles of riding around on this thing in a rather upright position, and frankly getting “those looks” from the other cyclists was starting to get to me. The fact is, serious cyclists all seem to look down on people riding around upright. Dammit, I’m riding this same hill with a freakin 42/18 and you’re running up and down those gears like this little bump is L’Alpe d’Huez, and you’re looking down at me!? I’d chew you up for breakfast.

But I have thin skin… really, I didn’t get enough hugs as a child… so I had to do something about these straight handlebars!



One Response to “New Toys – Finally I can look like the cool kids, and enjoy my fixie!”

  1. noelryan Says:

    As I was reading your post, I was thinking “black electrical tape and a spray can, and it will look ok”!!

    I know who few people that have taken the black tape to their frames to either prevent scratching of their paint work (which I don’t get) or to hide the decals so that people don’t realise that they have £1000+ bike and therefore won’t steal it.

    So with tape on your bike, people will either think you are being prissy about your paint job, or you’re trying to hide a VERY expensive bike!!

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