Total Immersion Theory and Technique – Triathlon Swimming: Made Easy (part 2)

Total Immersion - Triathlon Swimming: Made Easy - by Terry LaughlinLet me start by saying I am not writing this blog post to replicate the material in the Total Immersion literature. I love this program as it has made me a much better swimmer, and so I don’t want to in any way take away from the efforts of Terry Laughlin and the Total Immersion team. Please consider this only a review/case study of the technique that I offer as a happy customer.

If the information I have presented here sounds interesting to you, please go buy one of the Total Immersion books, or sign up for one of the many courses that Total Immersion offers around the country.

Yesterday, I posted on how I discovered Total Immersion. Today, I will to describe in a little more detail the basic principals of Total Immersion and give a brief overview of the techniques. Again, for more details, please buy one of the TI books.



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