Remind me not to this again… again! (And other things.)

Dammit, I did it again… (No, you’re not going to get me to start that sentence with “Oops”!)

I rode my bike to the gym again today… and then did a legs strength training session. Didn’t I say I wasn’t going to do that? Didn’t I make a comment, a mental note, that my legs are like jello (as they should be) after doing squats and lunges and leg press, and that I shouldn’t be riding my bike home after doing that? I think I did!

But as if that wasn’t a bone head enough move, I also actually did a 20mile ride before getting to the gym. And not just any 20mile ride, but a pretty much balls out petal to the metal speed session with hills on my single speed. What was I thinking? I know what I was thinking… Ahh… the joy of the road! That’s what I was thinking before the gym. Afterwards I was thinking… what was I thinking!

Joe on BikeAnyway, another random thing… My cousin Joe posted on my blog today. I didn’t know Joe knew I had a blog. (He’s actually my wife’s cousin, but seeing how we’ve cooked BBQ ribs together as a tag team, I pretty much consider him a blood relative… I mean, it takes a serious level of trust to let another man add hot peppers and molasses to your home made BBQ sauce… but I digress.)

I don’t know for sure, but I think Joe actually got to my blog with this search ‘ “hefta-gaub” iron-man’. Which is kinda cool when you think about it. Joe lives in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts… we see each other every couple years for family things, most recently was cousin Molly’s wedding (hence the BBQ sauce). I guess I talked about my quest for Ironman at the time. Or maybe he heard through the family grapevine.

Anyway, I’m going to take credit for Joe deciding to get back into cycling… he’s been away too long. He needs to get back in shape and back to his former glory of a serious road racer. He’s started a blog to publicly document his new commitment, and I suggest you all go there and egg him on.  Hey Joe, I dare you to ride 5,000 miles this year! Oh yeah, and go buy yourself a single-speed to ride that “bump” you call a mountain!


One Response to “Remind me not to this again… again! (And other things.)”

  1. Joe Hefta Says:

    You realize, of course, that by calling me out in public, you’re playing directing into my evil plan: giving me one more bandit to chase (though I’ll be sure to thank you on my way past).

    Five thousand miles, huh? You’ll forgive me for not biting on that one, especially now that I’m spending most of my workouts on a trainer in a filthy, freezing cold workshop. I’ll just file that under “For when I live in a near-tropical climate.” You know, like Seattle.

    I might quibble with you on your single speed suggestion: I’ve been looking at a building up a fixie instead. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I confess I was relieved to see in your race photos that you were wearing a jersey with sleeves, which is to say that I’m glad you haven’t gone totally “special” and tri-geeky. Just remember your roots. 🙂

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