One Brick at a time.

Yep, I did my first brick of the year: 18.6 mile (1 hour) bike ride, and a 4 mile run (~30min). It might seem early in the season to be out there running bricks already, but I haven’t been able to run much lately since my stress fracture, and so I am eager to get out there and run. And since I hadn’t had a real good bike ride in a couple days, I decided the throw everything together and do a brick.

I partially got this idea from my buddy Peter Han, who is the producer of the movie “What it Takes”. Peter told me that Peter Reid almost always runs after every bike ride. Basically, he never rides his bike without turning it into a brick. This is actually a pretty interesting idea. I mean, there really is something different about how your legs feel right after a bike ride. Maybe it’s because their nice and warmed up, maybe it’s because they are tired. But it definitely feels different.

One local Seattle Triathlon guru, Reed, owner of Speedy Reedy, told me that he feels like an Ironman run leg is easier for him than running a marathon. He feels there is just something about that 112 miles on a bike to get your legs really loose and warmed up that makes the next 26.2 miles that much less unbearable. 😉 I don’t yet have enough experience to say whether I agree or not. My only Ironman run, so far, felt great because it was my first and I was so in tune with my plan. And my only pure-Marathon, so far, was good up until it got really bad. So I can’t really compare these two events.

But I do agree that your legs feel different running right after cycling.

Last season I competed in 5 triathlons: 4 sprints and 1 Ironman. I did 3 self supported “practice” triathlons, essentially swim/bike/run bricks that I set up for myself. And I did 3 longer distance bricks where I did a bike ride of at least 40 miles and then ran at least 10miles.

This year I think I want to try to incorporate more of these “shorter” bricks into my training routine. Maybe on days that would be medium/slow run or tempo runs. I don’t think it would be realistic to do it on a speed session day, although I usually commute to the track, which is about 2.5 miles from my house, on my bike as a warm up; but these aren’t really bricks.

Today’s line:

  • Bike 18.6 miles (1:01:26, 18.2mph, 155avgHR, 172max)
  • Run 4.02 miles (31:34, 7:51min/mile, 163avgHR, 170max)
  • Stretching 15min
  • Strength Training: Chest/Shoulders 20min

2 Responses to “One Brick at a time.”

  1. garyd Says:

    Zappo – I’ve been wanting to get the “What it Takes” DVD. Do you know if the only way to order it is from the website? I saw a couple used on Amazon, but they weren’t any less expensive.

    Also, have you seen the “trainer version”? That might be a good gift and something to watch for the next couple months.

    As far as run leg of 26.2 being “easier” than a run only 26.2, I think I agree. But I did run the run leg of the trithalon an hour slower than my marathon time…. ?

  2. Phil Says:

    I bought a couple of copies at (their website) and it was easy.


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