Week 2 Report

Week 2 of 2007 Calendar year has come and gone. So far, I am doing well, and sticking to my plans. Big news this week was finally being able to run again, and feeling no pain in my new orthotics. I continue to be in my pre-base/prep period of my training schedule, so again I remain focused on working out regularly, being more disciplined about strength training, flexibility training, and swimming. I am also trying to work out a good schedule to fit everything I want to do in to 24 hours x 7 days. Hmmm… this may be the most challenging part. 😉

Here’s my week 2 status report…

Strength Training – 3.3 hours  – On schedule, I haven’t missed a session this week. I have settled in to a 3 day split body rotation of Legs, Chest/Shoulders, Arms/Back. I repeat this twice during the week and on the 7th day I am doing Iron Yoga.

I am very happy that my hours dropped from 3.5 last week to 3.3 this week considering that Iron Yoga is 1 hour long (I count it as .75 hours of strength and .25 hours of flexibility). What this means is that I trimmed my half hour sessions for legs and chest/shoulders down to 20mins and 15mins. The arms/back routine still takes me 30 minutes… but it’s got the most separate super-sets, and when I do it at home I have to substitute single arm replacements for rows and triceps pull downs which means doubling the sets for those exercises.

I’m also real happy with my results. I feel stronger, and feel like I’m getting some nice tone in my arms and shoulders to add to the tone in my legs. Still would like to see that in my torso, but I realize that that is a distant very challenging goal to achieve. I am also happy that I am not as sore, and I’ve even increased my leg weights slightly this week.

Swimming – 1.5 hours – I did 3 days of swimming this week exactly on schedule. I would say these weren’t necessarily the best quality workouts. But I did the time. I am seriously considering looking for a masters swim group. But I fear that this would disrupt my schedule even more. I think I will look into a more structured approach to what I do in the water instead of just swimming laps. Maybe add some planned interval training from my Joe Friel book. I also think I need to start tracking my yards. Gotta get those gold stars!

Flexibility – 1.33 hours – Again, I’m on schedule for doing some kind of flexibility work each day. This week I got to do my first outdoor run so I added my prescribed “dynamic warm up routine” to my repertoire of flex training. I think I’ll write up some details about this later this week as a post, but it basically boils down to some leg stretches that you can do while walking/jogging. I basically did this for about 5 minutes as I walked the 2 blocks from my house down to the Burke Gilman Trail where I ran. It was a really good way to warm up… although I think some of my neighbors were shaking their heads as I ran by their houses doing “butt kicks”. 😉

Running – 1.5 hours – 9.55 miles – Hooray!!! I went running again. I did 4.75 miles of open road running and 4.8 miles of treadmill running. I ran Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. And I felt great! Running yesterday, outside was the best. There was still snow on the ground, and I actually felt a little less safe than when I was riding my bike in the snow on Friday… go figure. But at least I got out there.

Week 2 - Year to Date Cycle Miles 2007 vs. 2006Cycling – 5.44 hours – 81.74 miles – Still keeping things pretty slow, riding my single speed/fixed wheel exclusively. Trying to commute to/from the gym whenever I get a chance and do some actual road cycling. Got in a total of 81.74 miles this week for a grand total of 148.2 for the year. I am way ahead of my “outdoor” total from last year, which as 0 at this time, but behind my ‘total miles’ of 191.4 which included spin class miles.

Total Exercise (including Strength & Flexibility): 13 hours
Total Swim/Bike/Run: 8.44 hours

More Charts you say! Here you go…

Week 2 - Year to Date - Swim, Bike, Run Training Hours  Week 2 - Year to Date Training Hours vs. Plan


6 Responses to “Week 2 Report”

  1. noelryan Says:

    I would like to see the details of the dynamic warm up routine you mentioned – I am religious about my stretching but find it a bit dull, so anything to change it a little is going to make it more interesting.

  2. lsabin Says:

    Glad to hear you are back to running. It’s a bit of a challenge with this snow and ice here in Seattle.

    I don’t know how you are riding in the snow, but more power to you!

    It takes a lot of committment Ironman!

  3. zappoman Says:

    Thanks Lisa. I ran again today. 4.25miles around Greenlake with Rob C – Mr. Boston himself.

    I look forward to warmer weather when maybe you and Michelle and I can hit the track again for some speed sessions.

  4. zappoman Says:

    Noel. I added a post on the Dynamic Warm Up. Enjoy!

  5. garyd Says:

    Zappo. What do you use to track your workouts and yearly plan? Did your excel file incorporate a log?

  6. zappoman Says:

    I use Excel for all of this. I’ve played around with other logging tools, but don’t feel like the capture everything I want. Also since I have multiple devices (Polar, Garmin Edge, Garmin Forerunner) I want a logging tool that can hold everything in it at once. I wish there was something out there that was easy to use and had all the deep data analysis I crave… right now, that thing is Excel.

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