The Snow Storm Hit… But I still got some good training in.

Snow Day In Seattle

Well, we really did get our “snow storm” last night. The snow started smalling in the afternoon, which cut my ride yesterday short since I didn’t want to get trapped in bad conditions. It fell lightly throughout the afternoon and early evening. The girls were very excited… they had big plans. Saffron (1st Grade) really wanted to make snow angels and throw snow balls. Zola (pre-K) announced, “I think school will be cancelled, I hate school!” What? Where did that come from?

Frankly, it didn’t look like it was going to stick to me. I pictured the worst of both worlds: cold icy roads, but no real snow to play in. Fortunately the snow picked up a little at night and by morning we had more than a dusting. Not enough to make snow angels… but enough for the girls to go outside in the morning and wear themselves out.

I worked all morning on “my project”. And then decided to head out to the gym for a swim, a run, and a quick strength training session… in that order… and just for fun I decided to ride my bike to/from the gym. What? Didn’t he said he swore off riding in the icy weather? Yeah, well, I didn’t leave the house till 1:45pm, and so the roads had warmed up and melted any snow/ice on the roads…. so I felt pretty safe. Plus, I can ride a bike trail that is separate from car traffic for most of the 4 miles to and from the gym… so I didn’t need to be that concerned about traffic.

Swimming – It was open swim at the gym. What that means at my gym is there are 2 lanes reserved for lap swimming, and the other half of the pool is available for any kind of random water activity that people can dream up. Belly flops, Marco-Polo, Juggling seals… you get the idea. Since the lanes were full, and the “open” area was empty, I decided I’d go for it and swim laps in the open area. I figured that if people did jump in and start experiments in wave making, that it would be a simulation of open water swimming or the start of a triathlon… which I often compare to a stand of flamingos landing on a bask of crocodiles. (Note: It seems odd to call a group of flamingos “a stand” when they are in the act of not-standing… But I digress.) Anyway, I got in about 25mins of swimming before the chaos began… I only got jumped on once and swam into twice… so it was much less violent that any of the triathlon starts I’ve done. Finished after 30mins.

Running – After my swim I hit the treadmill for 30mins. This is my second run back after my stress fracture, so I am trying to keep it slow and shot. I started at 10min/mile for about 3/4 of mile, then bumped it up about 30sec/mile faster in about 1/4 mile chunks. I ran the 5k in 27:27… which is pretty slow for me, but I felt good that I wasn’t going crazy. At one point I got my pace up to a 7min/mile pace. I dropped my pace down to about 12min/miles to cool down and round out the 30mins. All in all I felt good. The heel feels great. I like my new orthotics.

Strength Training – Today was arms… which also means it was 3 days after legs… I am happy to report that I am not as sore from my legs session; which I think is a good sign, it means that my legs are adapting back into the mode of strength training. I’m feeling much better about this routine now that I’m a couple weeks into it. I also think it was a good idea to add Iron Yoga in to the mix. It gave me a little bit of a rest day (although it wasn’t really a rest) and gave me a totally different workout that is much more balance and core focused.

Bike – I took it slow and steady and kept my eyes out for ice… 7.25 miles in 36mins… 18mins each way… that’s freakin slow. But I guess that’s also safe.

Rock Climbing – What? Well, today Saffron and I were supposed to go Rock Climbing with our Y-Guides group. But alas the snow storm put that adventure on ice. (ouch)

Diet/Weight-loss – One of my goals for the early part of the season is to get back down to 135lbs. That is the lightest I’ve ever been in my adult life, and I got there briefly last year. I finished last year around 146lbs or so; and have settled in recently to about 140lbs. My weight tends to fluctuate almost 5lbs between night and morning depending on how dehydrated I am, but I usually count my morning weight… and so since I’ve been clocking in at around 139-141 for the last several days, I feel like this is probably a pretty solid measure of where I’m at now.

So, here’s the thing… I haven’t been eating like crazy, but I also haven’t been paying close attention to what I’ve been eating. I know that when I count calories, and pay attention, I can usually have a fair amount of control and get to where I want to.

My wife has recently decided that she wants us to have a planned dinner menu… to take the guess work out of grocery shopping and stifling the age-old question “what are we having for dinner tonight?”. So now would be a good time to implement some more structure around my caloric intake. But this takes a lot of effort… and with everything else I’ve got going on, I just don’t think I have the mental energy to take this on right now.  We’ll see… maybe as I stew on this, I might get the energy to take on yet another project.


6 Responses to “The Snow Storm Hit… But I still got some good training in.”

  1. garyd Says:

    Damn. I have got to get me some of that “Ride outside anytime – all the time” motivation. Nice to see you back running.

  2. zappoman Says:

    Don’t get me wrong… What I do is not universally accepted as “reasonable behavior”…. 😉

    I definitely got a look from my wife as I headed out the door that was somewhere in between disbelief and concern.

    But I take solace in the fact that I wasn’t the only one out there… I saw maybe a dozen other cyclists during my commute. Considering it was over the span of 8 miles, I’d say that’s a pretty dense population of “Ride outside anytime – all the time” cyclists.

  3. Rahim Rahman Says:

    You actually called that a snow storm?

    Look at this photo.

  4. zappoman Says:

    I love it… Trust me, in Seattle, this is a snow storm. 😉

    I tell you, people think Seattle is all about rain and bad weather… but the truth is, we have it really easy around here. A cold day, is 45F, a very cold day is 32F, a hot day is 78F, a very hot day is 90F.

    I kid you not… people here are total weather wimps!

    So yeah, I call it a snow storm only because, that’s what everyone around here is calling it… they closed the schools for gosh sake!

    {cue sound of creaky rocking chair}
    Why, when I was a kid, we had to walk 10miles to school every day in 5 ft of snow with 115F sun beating down on our heads…. and I had no shoes… and I had to wear Toughskins jeans… you kids today! You don’t appreciate what you got!

  5. lsabin Says:


    Tell me about Ironyoga. I have been doing power yoga at HotYoga of Kirkland. Is this the same thing?

  6. Rahim Rahman Says:

    Today’s high (January 12, 2007) in Denver will be 7F. Tomorrow’s low will be -5. Very interesting winter we’re having this year. Believe me, Denver is not usually like this. We have over 300 sunny days a year.

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