Brrrr… it’s cold out here!

My Bike - Is that snow on the ground?There were reports that a big Ice/Snow storm is heading our way here in Seattle… remembering how things worked out for me last time… I decided to get a jump on the storm and head out this morning for a ride. I jumped on my Redline 925, which has become my absolute favorite training and commuting bike, and headed out the door. I was mostly dressed for the weather… but I forgot one pretty important item (my booties) and so I have to admit, my feet started getting cold around mile 15.

Although I didn’t expect to actually see any ice because it was pretty dry near my house, I recall that last time the weather was pretty different along the route than it was near my house. So I decided to take it relatively easy and stick with the off-street bike trail. The downside to this strategy, is that there are lots of trees and shady spots and so there is an increased probability of an ice patch. The upside is that there are no cars to run me over if I do slip and crash on the ice.

Oh, yes… you are wondering… is there snow on the ground in that photo? Yes… but I took this photo about 15 miles from my house where I eventually turned around. It also started to lightly hail on me… so I decided that judgement was the better part of valor… which frankly is no small feat for me. But I did stop to take some more pictures of my bike “in the snow”.

My New Favorite Bike - Snow? In Seattle? A little…

Yep, that’s snow on the ground… in Seattle; rare indeed.

Flip Flop Wheel of My Redline 925

My favorite feature: a fixed wheel… lots of pedaling indeed!

On the running update: I feel fine a day after my first run back from my stress fracture injury. I got a search on my blog today for “pain after stress fracture”… and I’m feeling like I wish I could talk to the person who did that search. I wonder if they are trying to come back to full activity too early. Oh well, I wish them well.

Shout Outs:

I want to give a shout out to Karl McCracken. He’s posted on my blog a few times, and posted about my blog on his blog, and after my final push for 5,000 miles late last year, he’s decided to take on a 3,000 mile goal himself this year. He’s also shooting to get back into Triathlon after a year hiatus. I want to wish him the best of luck in his quest. You have to check out his progress tracking tool. I wonder if he’ll put up a web cam so we can log in and see the chart get filled in?

I also want to give a shout out to John Rankin who is running the Houston Marathon this weekend. Good luck John!

And finally, a shout out to my buddy Phil who is 10 days into an ambitious plan to lose 55lbs, cycle 4,000 miles this year, and start weight lifting again for the pure joy of it. Status report is that he’s feeling great and sticking to his plan. Keep at it Phil!



4 Responses to “Brrrr… it’s cold out here!”

  1. RegiVizz Says:

    That front is supposed to hit us Friday night/Saturday morning. I’ve a run scheduled for marathon training with the OKC Landrunners group for Saturday morning…I think I’m brave enough to run in the ice/hail/snow, but we’ll see!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Dude, it is cold out there. Ping me when you get a chance. Let me tell you about my cautionary tell about athlete’s foot, secondary skin infections, and screwing up your training schedule and skiing trip.

  3. zappoman Says:

    C’mon Kelly, you can’t leave me and my readers hanging like that… if you have something to share… share it!

    Actually, athlete’s foot and skin infections sounds pretty disgusting, maybe you should keep it to yourself. 😉

    By the way, wasn’t that what finally did in Sammy Sosa?

  4. Steve Theodore Says:

    Go Zappo Man! Always nice to see your competitive spirit is still alive and well.

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