Running again!

Max Run Distance after InjuryWell, I did my first run since the Seattle Marathon. It was short, (relatively) slow, and on a treadmill, but it was a run! My new orthotics seem to be working out pretty well. Although I will admit that I have a little bit of fatigue in my toes and my arches from before I got my new orthotics, and that fatigue has not gone away… yet.

I am pretty excited about running again, and now I need to develop an appropriate ramping strategy/plan to get back to marathon distance after my injury and being off for 6 weeks. Last year I feel like I took things a little too slow….

I think it’s a good idea to start slow, of course, today’s run was only 1.5 miles. But I also don’t want to miss valuable run training time since my goals this year are fairly running focused. Last year, I started my week 1 at 3.5 miles max run distance. Then I moved up about .5 miles max per run per week until I got to 6 miles max run distance. After that I added only 10% per max run per week till I got to approximately a 13.5 mile run. 

During April and May last year I plateaued at 16.5 miles for about 8 weeks. I think this was because I was doing a ton of cycling. I should have kept better notes to understand why I wasn’t added long runs, but since I cycled over 1500 miles those 2 weeks, I can understand why I didn’t have a lot of time for running.

I guess in retrospect, maybe my early ramp wasn’t all that slow. I mean, I could go do some pretty serious speed and hill workouts with 6 miles of distance. I guess I need to decide if it’s max distance for a single run, total miles for a week, or number of workouts in a week that most puts me at risk for ramping too quickly. Hmmmm…. lot’s of questions.

They are predicting a big snow storm to hit Seattle tonight, which means crazy Seattle drivers that don’t ever see snow are going to be causing mayhem and chaos in the streets. It also means I won’t be doing any more “ice skating” on my road bike… I learned my lesson last month. 😉 Hopefully it will pass before Thursday as we are planning on taking my 6 year old to go to an indoor “rock climbing club” as part of our YMCA-Daughter/Dads- Group.

Well, in other workout news, I cycled 25 miles in zone 3, swam 30 minutes attempting to do a little bit of a drill + speed workout, and did a quick legs strength training session. Now I’m off to stretch and go to sleep.


4 Responses to “Running again!”

  1. RegiVizz Says:

    I bet it feels GREAT to be out running again! 🙂

  2. zappoman Says:

    Yes it does… by the way, I ran again today 3.25 miles. On a treadmill though… not as fun as being outside. But I think it’s wise to take it a little slow.

  3. noelryan Says:

    It’s great that you are running again Brad. It amazes me that amount of exercise you can do (weights, swimming, cycling, etc.) in terms of how you find the energy and how you find the time (you don’t need much sleep?!). Getting running again is going to make you superhuman once more!!

  4. zappoman Says:

    I admit, I don’t sleep a lot… probably 5-6hours a night. If I sleep 8 then I feel like “I’ve slept in”.

    But it also helps now that I’m working at home on my own thing, I’ve sort of chopped up my schedule so I do things in the chunks. It also makes it easier to work to till 2am if work is just downstairs and you don’t have to drive home to go to sleep.

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