Iron Yoga Today…

Iron Yoga DVDToday I just had time to do Iron Yoga. I haven’t done this workout in probably 9 months; and I have to admit it is hard. I actually did the workout without weights, because I knew that I’d need to get back into the rhythm of it.

One of my biggest weaknesses is core strength. I have terrible balance and so the one legged poses are very challenging for me. The video is about 1 hour long so I’ve decided to call this 30mins of strength and 30mins of flexibility training… but honestly, it feel like much more of a strength workout. I think I will do my nightly stretching routine before bed a well.

Tomorrow I plan to ride my bike in the morning, and hit the gym in the evening to swim and do a quick run on a treadmill. It will be my first run in my orthotics and since my stress fracture, so I plan to only run 1 mile, and keep it really slow… maybe a 10min pace.


2 Responses to “Iron Yoga Today…”

  1. shebaduhkitty Says:

    that looks like a cool work-out. I would love to see that (do it with?) next time I visit… I am good at yoga 🙂

  2. zappoman Says:

    Monday nights (8pm) at Zappo’s House are Iron Yoga night!

    See you there!

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