Happy Day! My Orthotics Have Arrived!

Orthitics - Side View 1

Last night I got to pick up my new orthotics! It may seem like a strange thing to be excited about, but I have been chomping at the bit to go running again, since my stress fracture… and was advised to hold off until I could run in my orthotics. So this is like a little extra bonus (albeit belated) Christmas present!

Let’s see… here are some more lovely photos of my new saviors…

Orthitics - Side View 2

Orthotics - Bottom View

 Orthotics - Top View

What can I say about them? Well, they are really comfortable so far! They have extra padding built into the heel, to help me with my hard landings. The “almond” colored section near the ball of my foot is designed to provide “extra bounce/leverage” to help my under-supported arch with its “toe-ing off”.

Anyway, I am not supposed to run in these for another couple days… So today I swam and did a short strength training session. Tomorrow I’ll swim and cycle. Monday probably swim and cycle again. I’m supposed to “ease into these”. But since I’ve been wearing SuperFeet in all my shoes for the last 6 months, my PT said I could wear them 2 hours yesterday, 4 hours today, 6 tomorrow, and 8 on Monday… but Tuesday I am allowed to run in them.

Yee-haw! Open road here I come!


2 Responses to “Happy Day! My Orthotics Have Arrived!”

  1. bettehall Says:

    I’m excited for you. Too bad we can’t have a blogging community group run to celebrate. Let us know how it goes.

  2. lsabin Says:

    Those orthodics are beautiful! I might have to get a pair myself if my plantar fasciitis doesn’t go away. Who is your PT?

    Enjoy your run on Tuesday!

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