I already blew it… now that real test comes!

So last night after the kids were in bed, I headed down to my lab and started working on a computer project… I got so into it, I lost track of time… next thing I look up and it was 2am. Damn! I was going to do a quick arms & back session with my dumbbells and bench! That was my required daily strength training… it’s 2am, I can’t do it now!?So, I blew it… only five days into the year, and I’ve already blown my “process goal” of doing some strength training every day… Now the real test begins. Will I let this be the excuse for why I don’t have to get back into the routine and keep it going?

Of course, it was no big deal to “catch up”, I mean the routine I am working off of is a 3 day 3 separate muscle groups routine, Day 1: chest/shoulders, Day 2: Arms/Back, Day 3: Legs, repeat. There is no reason why I can’t do Day 2 and Day 3 today. I am still mostly in an anatomical adaptation phase where I’m doing relatively light weights, just working on getting my body used to the habit of the workout. So I headed off to the gym this morning and did an hour instead of half an hour.

Of course, this also messed up my swimming plan, because I didn’t really have time in this visit to do swimming as well… The pool had some crazy wave making class going on when I got there, so I couldn’t swim first, and I can’t really swim after my strength session. So this means I really need to head back to the gym later tonight to get some laps in, and stay focused on my swimming process goal.

So let’s be honest, a plan is a plan, but we can’t be slaves to our plans… we need to be flexible. And most importantly, we need to keep with the spirit of the plan, even when events conspire to break us away from the letter of the plan. Fitness can’t be all about spreadsheets and filling in X’s and crossing off lists. It should be about feeling good and living a big life.

So here’s my plan. I will take this as a chance to get some extra outdoor bike miles in… later tonight, after the kids are in bed, I will load up my super bright headlamp and my backpack, and ride my bike to the gym, swim some laps, and ride home. That will make me feel good. I love to ride my bike, that makes all my stresses melt away!


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