Beautiful Day for a Ride!

Today was a classic beautiful December day in Seattle. We get several days like today during the winter in Seattle. I think they probably seem more beautiful because of the backdrop of grey cloudy rainy days that surround them.

Today I slept in (till the girls woke me up to make blueberry and raspberry pancakes), and by the time I was ready to roll the sun was out, the sky was blue, and there were only a couple of wisps of clouds in the sky. The air was brisk, but not too cold, probably about 42F. It was perfect weather for a ride…

So I headed out for a relatively short and mellow paced 40miles. I was considering doing the top of the lake loop, which is what I call my route from my house along the Burke Gilman Trail, up through Kenmore, then down along the eastern side of the lake through Jaunita, Kirkland, Bellevue, and eventually across the I-90 bridge to the west side of the lake. But instead around Kenmore I decided to do an out-and-back so I kept riding along the Burke Gilman trail until it becomes the Sammamish River Trail through Bothell.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought today was a good day for a ride. I saw probably 100 other cyclists out there in the 2 hours I was out. Several of the local race teams were out doing early season training rides. I saw maybe half a dozen teams out today including Team Zoka (SuperSquadra) and Wines of Washington (Union Bay Cycling).

Anyway, the 40.6 added to my log gives me a total of 4997 for the year. So tomorrow Aunt Cynthia (my sister) is coming over and we are all going to go for a big family ride together. So, I’ll cross the 5,000 mark for the second year in a row, but this time, I’ll do it with the whole family around to celebrate.


4 Responses to “Beautiful Day for a Ride!”

  1. philsabin Says:

    Hey Brad – I’m curious. When you say a “short and mellow” ride, how fast are you talking???

    Phil (afraid your mellow ride would kick my butt)

  2. lsabin Says:

    It was gorgeous out there today too. I am going for my first run of the year tomorrow. I bought new shoes and am eager to try them out. Time to lay the groundwork for Portland Marathon.

    Are you riding tomorrow? When will you start running again?


  3. zappoman Says:

    Phil: Short meant 41 miles… Mellow ment 16.8mph, 131 HR Average… but I stayed on the BG trail so it was pretty flat.

    Lisa: I think I will ride tomorrow morning… probably before the sun comes up. 😉 I don’t plan to start running until I get my orthotics. But hopefully, I will get them this week!!!

  4. lsabin Says:

    I hope you get your orthodics soon. I think they’ll make a big difference.


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