Couple of Random Updates…

I have so much on my mind today… maybe it’s because today was the last day at my old job, and so I am now free to think about the future. But it’s also probably because I have been really busy this last month, enjoying the holidays, and simultaneously taking on lots of interesting challenges… so my mind is just racing.

 Anyway, this post may be kind of scattered, but I wanted to capture a couple of things in print (albeit e-print)….

For those of you interested I have some updates on my quest for 5,000; some more notes on 2007 planning; my second visit to the Eastside Sports Rehab Clinic today; some thoughts on recent searches/visitors to my blog; and some comments about my lovely sister who I adore and am inspired by every day….

Progress toward 5,000 – I didn’t let the two crashes yesterday slow me down. Sure I bailed out that morning about 3 miles from the office, and got my buddy Phil to pick me up and drag me in to work. But I did ride my bike home that evening (24 miles).

Then I discovered this morning that Karl McCracken thought I’d let the weather get the best of me! How dare he!!! I already planned to ride to work this morning. But after reading his blog, I had to put the hammer down Since it was my last day on the job, I really only had to turn in my ID badge and say goodbye, so I waited till the sun came out and warmed up the road (melted any ice) and then I took it real slow, and took a couple long-cuts to add some miles to the ride. All in all I did 61.4 miles today. So that leaves me at 4957 miles for the year… so I can easily accomplish this goal with a solo ride tomorrow, and a family ride to cap off the year on Sunday! Hoorah!

I’ve been doing more planning for 2007 – I’ve decided that the Philadelphia Marathon is the race I want to shoot for to qualify for Boston 2008. I realize this will be the toughest concrete goal for next year. Running a 3:15 marathon will be a big deal. But I’ve heard good things about the Philly being a nice flat course. My friend Rob qualified for Boston on that course. I’ve also earmarked the Seattle Marathon the follow week as a possible back up race or if I’m feeling strong a potential Marathon Maniac – 2 Marathons in 7 days qualifier.

But I think the real breakthrough in my 2007 planning, is that I’ve been really inspired by Gary’s comments about planning around process. I’ve been doing a lot more thinking about this. And I am convinced that I want to make an explicit process based goal for my weaknesses… stretching/flexibility, weight training, and swimming. I went to the PT today (more on that below) and I am convinced that if I add a more structured flexibility regiment, I will be a better athlete and be less likely to encounter injury… so this is where I want to focus. I haven’t totally captured my thoughts into a plan, but I am really close. Thanks Gary for pushing me over the line on this topic!

I visited the Eastside Sports Rehab Clinic today for my second follow up – the goal today was to do some additional gate analysis using my proper sized running shoes, and to go over a “Dynamic Warm-up” and to review proper flexibility training routines. This wasn’t really related to my stress-fracture, but I asked my doctor to include this on the prescription because I knew I needed some good professional help on proper stretching. I think I will write up a more detailed report on the Dynamic Warm-Up routine that my PT gave me, but that will be another day.

What I did learn today is that my calves are much tighter than I thought. I thought I was doing a good job of stretching my calves. But apparently not. I have a slight pronation due to my high arches, so my foot does “roll-in” a little too much. The orthotics will correct this. But my foot also has a feeling of “rolling out” toward the end of my toe push. I was aware of this, but no one had told me why this happened or how to correct it, until today. Apparently this is caused by my calves being too tight. Apparently the tight calves cause my heal to lift and point outward near the end of my toe push. The heal does this to shorten the calf since it’s too tight and can’t properly stretch to allow a straight toe push. When my heal does this, it causes the rest of my foot to roll outward. So, I need to fix this, by stretch my calves better.

Searches and my blog – I am continually fascinated by the searches that land people on my blog. Sure, some of them are relevant but seem pretty random (like: ” ‘pinky toe’ ‘doesn’t touch the ground’ “, ” ‘little toe’ ‘doesn’t touch the ground’ “, “running pace for the average man”, and “how to go from 200 lbs. to 150 lbs.”). But of course, most of them are indeed very topically appropriate.

It seems as the “stress fractures” are a very common problem, and many of the people that come to my blog through searches are getting there looking for information on stress fractures. It also seems as if from the searches out there, that there is quite a bit of varying information about stress fractures and recover. When I see these searches, I really wish I could find out more about what the person has heard or is looking to learn more about… what is on their mind??? 

Here are some that really stand out: “cycling no good for stress fractures”, “alternative exercises with stress fracture”, “metatarsal stress fracture morning”, “stress fractures riding the bike”, “stress fracture healing time calcaneal”, and “stress fractures outside of foot”.  

Spin classes apparently are also a very interesting topic for web searchers. Some people have landed here looking for: “spinning blog cycle”, “spinning class at the gym”, “spin class workouts”, “spin class big legs”, “spin classes and legs”, “taking first spinning class”, “can anyone do a spinning exercise class?”,  “spinning class muscles”, “spinning classes injuries”, and “What class should I take after a spinning?”.

Finally, I love my Sister! –  My sister has posted a couple times on my blog. She posted some absolutely hilarious comments on my recent post about crazy endurance athletes. I mostly wanted to mention this because I know my sister is also working toward getting fit. And I want to encourage her and reminder her that it can be done… she knows how I lived the first 34 years of my life, and how I live my life now… so she knows that if I can do it, anyone can. Good luck Sis! I’m rooting for you!


2 Responses to “Couple of Random Updates…”

  1. themiddlemanager Says:

    This was a great post. This is my first visit to your blog, but it won’t be my last!

    5,000 miles of bike riding in a year – WHOA and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. shebaduhkitty Says:

    you got me all teary eyes…thanks

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