My Friends Often Call Me Crazy…

…but I know I’m not the most crazy endurance athlete out there.

Road rash after crashing on the ice twice this morning.I rode in to work this morning… it turns out it was icy on the roads near my office… how could I have know that near my house 30 miles away? After crashing my bike twice I finally gave up and called a buddy from work to pick me up. He happily agreed, but apparently he was heard in the halls of the office on the way out saying “Brad is CRAZY!”

My sister read my post (from the road after the second crash), and she too hypothesized that I may be crazy… “You really sound so driven sometimes I think you are insane!”

I’ve done a lot of crazy things this year in endurance sports…. but am I as crazy as some of these other athletes? You be the judge…

Here are some of the crazy things I did this year…

  • Planned to take on my first Ironman… with absolutely no running experience. I had never run a 5k let alone a half-marathon let alone a marathon, and I thought… scratch that… I knew I could finish an Ironman. And I did.
  • In May, during “bike to month work”, I challenged 5 other cyclists that I could ride more commuter miles in the month of May than they could ride COMBINED… I even helped them recruit 3 more cyclists mid month to help them try to beat me.
  • On the LAST DAY of the bike to work month, I was ahead by over 100 miles, and they all ganged up an cycled “the long way home” to pile up the miles to beat me… I had a business trip to LA that day and couldn’t ride in to work as I would have normally, so when I got home Seattle, I had dinner with the family, tucked the kids in to bed and headed off “to commute” to work. I rode 126.5 miles that night from 9pm till 5:30am, in the pouring rain (notice a trend here?)… I ended up doing 2 laps of Lake Washington plus a couple out and backs. I stopped at a Jack-In-The-Box drive through around 3am to buy some breakfast. 😉

    By the way… I ended up winning the challenge, beating 8 other riders by a margin of only 1.8 miles…. Me: 1091.9 miles, the rest of them… 1090.1 miles.

  • In September I finished my first Ironman… without ever having run an individual foot race of more than 8K. (4:30 run split, by the way).
  • Six weeks later I attempted to run my fist Marathon (not inside of an Ironman) and to up the stakes I shot to take 1 hour off of my time. And I would have done it, if it hadn’t been for that stress fracture at mile 23. But I still finished the race.
  • And now, in a final push of 2006, I am attempting to ride another 150+ miles in the next 3 days in order to break 5,000 miles for the year.

Now, that doesn’t really sound all that crazy does it?

Certainly I don’t hold a candle to these guys…

  • Mike Cabigon, just a regular guy, ran 6 Ironman races in 6 Countries in 60 days.
  • Rob Kish, has rode the “Race Across America” an all out 3,000 mile solo bike race from coast to coast 17 times!

But the ultimate crazy ultra-endurance athlete has got to be….

  • Dean Karnazes – Ran 50 marathons in 50 days, and then just for fun, decided to “run home” from NYC to San Francisco.

So really, when you put my antics in perspective… they don’t really seem that crazy do they?


8 Responses to “My Friends Often Call Me Crazy…”

  1. garyd Says:

    Zappoman – I love the “I rode 126.5 miles that night from 9pm till 5:30am” event the best! I’ve been tempted to do an all night ride but have been to chicken…. any words of encouragement.

    By the way, all the other accomplishments are pretty amazing. Did I read that right? You did 2 marathons and the Grand Columbian? Wow!!

  2. blkbox Says:

    Sound crazy – no not really, just plain MAD LOL. Just keep watching for the men in white coats, they will be heading off in your direction once they have finished with me !

  3. bettehall Says:

    I wouldn’t call it crazy, I call it exciting!

  4. zappoman Says:

    Another note: During the month of may commuter challenge, I chose to ride 126.5 miles that night, not because I knew that’s how many miles I needed in order to win… but for a different reason.

    I called all the other riders that night and asked them to give me a fighting chance… how many miles had they ridden?

    Some of them told my how many miles they rode (“Hey, I rode 60 miles today, you should just give up.”). Some of them refused to say (“You’ll see tomorrow when I log them in the log book!”). Some of them even taunted me with things like this, “I don’t know how far Craig rode, but I saw him in Lake City way, and you know he lives in Bellevue, so that’s like 20 miles from home.”)…

    But I chose to keep riding till I got to 126.5 because one of the other competitors (and he knows who he is) had only ridden 126.0 miles during the whole month… and I knew that even if I lost, he would have to read the mail about how I rode further in one night than he had ridden in the entire year.

    To answer your question Gary, that streak of competition kept me going well into the night.

  5. zappoman Says:

    Oh yeah… Thanks to Bette for posting this about “The Badwater 135”. I have to add this to the list of endurance events crazier than I’ve attempted… (yet)…. maybe someday I’ll try to run 100 miles.

  6. Too much bike?! « Get To The Point Says:

    […] Friday, December 29th, 2006 in Uncategorized I’ve been watching El Zappoman’s progress toward clocking up 5,000 bike miles this year. He’s nearly made it, but it looks as though the weather will pip him to the post in the end. Cold, icy weather and cycling don’t mix too well. […]

  7. shebaduhkitty Says:

    It is a matter of perspective… showing those other crazy guys does NOT make you less crazy in my mind…

    that’s like the guy who thinks he is Elvis, saying “well, at least I don’t think I am Jesus” Whether you are the king of rock or the king of the jews…you are still in the looney bin!

    the real question is…how crazy does your wife think you are?

  8. zappoman Says:

    I love you sis! This post cracked me up! “I am the king of rock!”

    For what it’s worth Adrien (for those of you who don’t know, Adrien is my wife) also found your post pretty funny… “hey, he’s home for dinner… It’s all good.”, she said.

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