More 2007 Planning: Bette Hall Got Me Thinking…

Grand Columbian Ironman Finisher 2006I got a post from Bette Hall today about planning the 2007 season. After taking some time away from work the last couple days, I’ve had a chance to stew some more on my goals for next year. I think I’m still set on all of the high level goals I described in my earlier post, but I’ve done some more thinking about races…. there are a couple of races (rides and runs) I really enjoyed last year and I think I want to repeat them.

I still need to figure out which marathon (or marathons) I should shoot for on my quest to qualify for the 2008 Boston Marathon. I’ve heard the Philly is good because it is a forgiving (read flatter than normal) course. I really need to do some more research into this. So I still have some more work to do, but in the mean time here is the list of races I really want to do again.

1) Portland Shamrock Run (Early March)– This was my first ever foot race… and I think I want to do it again. Plus the kids get to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

2) Elma Easter Triathlon (Early April)– This was my first Triathlon, plus it was crazy early in the season, and the weather was so cold. All of us in the race were freezing… but it was so much fun huddled under the tarp in the rain after the race to get our awards… and there’s a real honor in knowing you swam in open water in April in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest!

3) Mt. Si Ultra-Relay: 57 miles/5 runners/10 legs (Mid April) – Relays are fun… just enough logistics to make it “sophisticated” not enough to make it “complicated”. Here are some photos from this year’s relay team.

Meredith at start of Mt. Si Relay 

There’s our Meredith wearing number 216!

Getting Ready To Run Mt. Si Relay 2006

Peter insisting we have plenty of time to meet Meredith at the relay check point. 😉

Tagging Out - Mt. Si Relay 2006

Meredith after first leg… she injured her calf and was out for the day. 😦

Peter making up time. - Mt. Si Relay 2006

Peter is sooooo fast!

Thushara passing Brad - Mt. Si Relay 2006

Thushara is so fast he passes Brad at the relay point.

“Coach Rob” acting all coach like. Mt. Si Relay 2006

Rob (in the green) was our team captain/organizer/leg 4 runner.
Here he is acting like he knows something about coaching.

Rob tagging up Thushara. - Mt. Si Relay 2006

Rob tagging up Thushara… why did we let him run shirtless?

Rob after his second leg of Mt. Si Relay 2006

Moments later… You call this leadership?

Thushara Crossing the Finish Line - Mt. Si Relay 2006

Thushara crossing the finish line!

Team Photo - Mt. Si Relay 2006

Team Photo!

4) Flying Wheels Century (mid June) – I guess I can live without riding this one, but it is a classic final systems check before STP. Maybe I’ll ride it pirate.

5) STP (mid July) – Gotta do it! It’s my favorite 206 mile bike ride… one day… goal to complete in 10 hours of wall clock time! With a crew of course. Last year we had 4 guys, and we made it in 9:30 of ride time, but rest stops added up to 11 hours of wall clock. This year, let’s not dilly dally! Here are some photos from last years ride.

STP 2006 - Brad leads team early in ride.   STP 2006 - Brad leads team around the half way point of the ride.  STP 2006 - Finish Line!

You may notice a trend to these photos…
It seems as if I am always leading the group. What’s up with that?

STP 2006 - Team Photo

STP 2006 – (left to right) Ray, Brad, Mike, and Mark.

STP 2006 - Dad and Girls at finish line.

STP 2006 – Dad and Girls at finish line.

6) Grand Columbian Ironman (mid Sept) – My Ironman! Take 90 minutes off of last year.


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  1. bettehall Says:

    Great photos!

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