5,000 Miles? Not this year.

Small Chart of 2006 Bicycle MilesWell, I have to admit I am a little bummed out. I will not make 5,000 road miles on my bike this year. I thought I was well on my way (actually I thought I was past it)… but due to having lots of different gadgets tracking my miles this year (Polar s720i, Garmin Edge 305, Garmin Forerunner 305, gmaps, etc.) I didn’t have a single place to see my total progress. Last night I decided to double check my results, and I was shocked to discover that I had only completed 3,839 road miles this year! Not even if I go crazy and ride 100 miles a day for the rest of the year could I pass the 5,000 milestone.

Even if I give myself a 15mph credit for Spin class, my total only comes to 4,564. I guess I won’t morn those 600 or so miles, because I really did love my spin class. And I wouldn’t trade those workouts if give the chance. But I would probably have reworked my weeks 38-51 had I known I was not yet over the 5,000 mark. Small Chart of 2006 Run HoursGetting out and doing a couple 25milers a week would have simply been a nice relaxing recovery day from running. Although I wouldn’t have not done the running I did those weeks, since it helped me prove to myself that I can run a sub 3:30 marathon (if I don’t get injured at mile 23). When I was telling my wife last night that I was disappointed about not reaching my annual goal. She reminded me that after all, I had taken up triathlon, and successfully completed my first Ironman. So it’s not so surprising that I didn’t cycle as much as last year. Sure… but that sounds like an excuse. 😉 I guess I have to add cycle 5,000 road miles to my training goals for next year. Maybe that would have made my bike split faster on my Ironman for next year… After all, that was the one minor disappointment of my Ironman this year. So for the next week, I will pile on the miles. I’ll ride my work the long way to and from work, and throw down 50+ miles a day. I will certainly break 4,000 road miles; and maybe I’ll even break 5,000 miles counting my spin class credits. It won’t be the same as if I had achieved it on the road… but it was still a good year of cycling.


2 Responses to “5,000 Miles? Not this year.”

  1. Douglas Moran Says:

    Nice blog; Say, do you know how to replace the transmitter battery in a Polar s720i. I loathe Polar’s service so I do not wish to send the chest strap in for a new battery (3 weeks turnaround)! Any help would be great!

  2. zappoman Says:

    Doug… thanks for the post.

    I had the same question, and went around to probably 20 local shops asking if they could replace my battery, and all of them refused. I guess that Polar must send out the heavies to any shop that changes a battery. 😉

    I made the mistake of ordering a battery online and changing it myself. Everything seemed to work fine, and I thought I was really clever… until about a month later the watch started acting funny. It would reset itself in the middle of spin class.

    I ended up discontinuing use of it, because I had gotten my Garmin Edge and I really prefer using it on my road rides anyway. But the Garmin’s battery life is only about 8 hours, and with my one-day STP ride (200+ miles) I knew I’d need my Polar as a primary device. I ended up taking it apart again and discovering that the seal had been broken and moisture had gotten in to the watch, which caused it to freak out.

    I was able to clean it out and get it working again, but now I can’t wear it while swimming. I am considering sending it in to Polar to get it repaired.

    Anyway, good luck! I hope I see you out there on the road!

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