Start Planning Your 2007 Season Today!

2006 Mt. Si Relay TeamIf you haven’t already planned your 2007 season, now is the perfect time to do so. Take some time away from the crazy schedule of the holidays and sit back and think about your goals for next year. What do you want to accomplish? How much time do you want to commit? What areas would you like to improve?

While tag surfing today, I found this great post by Ray Britt about his tips on planning a season. I also recently ran into John Rankin’s mention of his personalized Marathon Training Tool and asked him to send it to me. He posted about the tool earlier today on his blog. I also recently read a great post by Gary Ditsch on planning a season at MideastMultisports Training Blog.

In the past I’ve used is Joe Friel’s The Triathlete’s Training Bible. It makes several of the same suggestions that Gary and Ray do and has a number of tools to help you break down your training into bite sized chunks designed to achieve different goals.

I haven’t officially sat down yet to plan 2007. I have a rough idea in mind about the races I want to run (a couple of sprint tris, Mt. Si Ultra Run Relay, STP, Grand Columbian Ironman) and I have some high level goals (finish STP in 10 hours of wall clock time, Take 90 minutes off my Ironman time) but I haven’t mapped out my detailed plan yet.

I might use the excuse of being injured, but the truth is, this recovery time probably a really good time to do some planning. I also have to admit that the end of the year seems to have creeped up on my pretty quickly. But the excuses need to be put away… it’s time to start planning.

So here are some top level notes from the Joe Friel approach… in the next week I’ll flesh out my full plan and post the results here.

Season Goals:

  • Complete Grand Columbian Ironman in 10:45
  • Complete Seattle To Portland in 10hours or less of wall clock time
  • Qualify for 2008 Boston Marathon (3:15 time)

Is that ambitious enough?

 Training Objectives:

  • Run Speed/Performance –  get Ironman run split to 3:30 – solo-marathon time to 3:15
  • Improve Swim Speed – goal: 35 min/mile – current pace 40min/mile
  • Strength Training and Stretching Discipline – DON’T MAKE THIS AN AFTERTHOUGHT!
  • Improve Power/Weight- get to body weight of 135lbs or less, and keep it there!
  • Don’t get injured!

And don’t forget… Have Fun!

Ok, so now I just need to: map out my race schedule, design my training program, recover from the stress fracture, wrap some Christmas presents, get through the holidays, and get some sleep! 😉


9 Responses to “Start Planning Your 2007 Season Today!”

  1. karlmccracken Says:

    Good grief – this is impresive stuff!

    I started doing ‘sprint’ triathlons last year, but owing to a total lack of getting my act together, missed making early entries (and so creating motivation for training) for any this year.

    So your opening line is spot on. Here are my rather more modest goals:

    o 10k in 40 mins (Wallsend, late May – good fast course)
    o Half marathon in 1h40mins (great North Run – Oct)
    o Sprint tri (Stratford – early May) within 1 minute of my (much fitter) friend Robbie
    o Double sprint tri. Warwick & Wombourne are on the same day and fairly close – early Sept!

    There. It’s on black and white now, so I can’t back out. Better get them booked I suppose.

  2. zappoman Says:


    Good luck on building your plan. Frankly those goals sound pretty good to me. You are clearly a much faster runner than I am. I can’t imagine running a 40min 10k.

  3. matthewrupert Says:

    Found you by searching for info about stress fractures. Great blog! I added you to my links.

  4. garyd Says:

    Hey Zappoman – thanks for the mention of my post. I’m glad that someone could find some value in it. I also like the ideas that Triathlete’s Training Bible has, in fact, it was the first book I purchased related to triathlons.

    But, it can be a little overwhelming if a person feels obligated to actually sit down and fill in all the x’s based upon each period and what an athlete should be doing at that point.

    I posted my annual training plan on my personal blog a little while back. Here’s a link to check it out:

    Blog entry with 2007 plan

    There are some changes that need to be made based upon feedback I’ve received and after I’ve let it sit for awhile, but a skeleton non-the-less.

  5. zappoman Says:

    Gary, I totally agree with your comment about all the little x’s.

    For those of you wondering about what Gary and I are talking about, it’s part of the Joe Friel method for developing a training plan. The idea is that based on your goals and the period of the plan you decide whether to focus on Endurance, Force, Speed, Muscular Endurance, Anaerobic Endurance, Power, or Testing… and then you pick out workouts designed to optimize different aspects of each discipline.

    I ended up filling out all of the “weekly” items in my annual plan but I didn’t end up translating them into specific workouts for my actual weekly activity.

    The truth is, I didn’t really stick to the details of the plan… But I did use the big picture (which races were my A and B races and the basic hourly volumes) as a primary guide through my season.

    Here’s a link to my 2006 Annual Plan, with some notes on results. zappoman-Annual-Plan-2006-with-Results.xls

  6. Bette L. Hall CMA Says:

    I am also in the process of planning my 2007 training season. My goals are not nearly as impressive as yours, but for me, I’m making huge strides.

    Previously I have run three half-marathons. Coming this spring I’ll be running two more half-marathons.

    The biggies on my list for 2007 are to run a 30K trail run in February, a full marathon in the fall, and to compete in a duathlon.

    Just like you, I need to “map out my race schedule and design my training program.”

    By the way, congratulations on the honor of being one of the fasting growing blogs on wordpress.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.

  7. bettehall Says:

    Hi, I just left a response without being logged in and I don’t know if it went through. (dummy me)

    Basically, I just wanted to congratulate you on your blogging status and to tell you I enjoy reading your posts.

    I was also telling you that I plan on competing in my first duathlon this year.

  8. zappoman Says:

    Thanks for the post Bette. Sounds like you’ve got some good ideas for your 2007 season. Good luck on that.

    After taking some time away from work the last couple days, I’ve had a chance to stew some more on my goals for next year. I think I’m still set on all of the high level goals I described in this post, but I’ve done some more thinking about races…. there are a couple of races (rides and runs) I really enjoyed last year and I think I want to repeat them…

    1) Portland Shamrock Run (Early March)- This was my first ever foot race… and I think I want to do it again. Plus the kids get to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

    2) Elma Easter Triathlon (Early April)- This was my first Triathlon, plus it was crazy early in the season, and the weather was so cold. All of us in the race were freezing… but it was so much fun huddled under the tarp in the rain after the race to get our awards… and there’s a real honor in knowing you swam in open water in April in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest!

    3) Mt. Si Ultra-Relay: 57miles/5 runners/10 legs (Mid April) – Relays are fun… just enough logistics to make it “sophisticated” not enough to make it “complicated”.

    4) Flying Wheels Century (mid June) – I guess I can live without riding this one, but it is a classic final systems check before STP. Maybe I’ll ride it pirate.

    5) STP (mid July) – Gotta do it! It’s my favorite 206 mile bike ride… one day… goal to complete in 10 hours of wall clock time! With a crew of course. Last year we had 4 guys, and we made it in 9:30 of ride time, but rest stops added up to 11 hours of wall clock. This year, let’s not dilly dally!

    6) Grand Columbian Ironman (mid Sept) – My Ironman! Take 90 minutes off of last year.

    What else? Well, I really want to find a Marathon to run after GCIM to try to qualify for Boston. I’ve heard the Philly is good because it is a forgiving (read flatter than normal) course. I really need to do some more research into this.

    Sounds like I still have some more work to do. 😉

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    Start Planning Your 2007 Season Today! | – Fitness Blog

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