Rode my bike to work this morning.

Tree in Path on Bicycle CommuteI know, you guys are probably getting sick of me talking about my new bike. But until I can run again, I am stuck on the pedals.

This morning I decided to ride my bike in to the office. This is not really that big of deal for me normally… I rode to work most days last spring and summer, 25miles in bound and then anywhere between 5 and 25 miles home depending on if I took a short cut or hopped on a bus with a bike rack across the lake.

But this morning is was VERY COLD… and VERY DARK… and as I mentioned a couple days ago, our recent wind storm caused many trees to come crashing down. Here’s one of them that was blocking my path to work this morning.

All in all it was actually a pretty nice commute. I had a meeting in the office at 7:45 am, so I left my house about 5:45. It took me 1:26:18 to travel 23.61 miles, at an average pace of 16.4mph. I was intentionally taking it a little slow, so as to not run into anything in the dark.

Hear Rate on Climb with Single Speed BikeMy heart rate average was 146, with 1 hour 15 minutes in sub Zone 3. The only time I hit zone 4 or 5 were the couple of hills I had to climb. Normally I would fly over these hills, but this single speed definitely makes the climbs more challenging. But it was a boost to my ego as I passed a guy going up one of the hills. He had what appeared to be a triple crank road bike, and I flew past him on my single speed. Of course, “flying is a relative term” and I did get my heart rate up to 180 in the process.

Red line is HR, Green line is altitude.


2 Responses to “Rode my bike to work this morning.”

  1. John Rankin Says:

    Hey, Zappoman… I was interested in asking if you use a road bike or trail type bike. This last summer I bought a (relatively) cheap full suspension trail bike – wanted some variety in my daily exercise regime. I still enjoy my runs, but I think I found another thing I like to do in cycling.

    If the recovery takes longer than you expect, you could always get into a Du or Tri by getting a team together… I am a useless swimmer so I always was asking bikers and swimmers if they wanted to “share the load”.

    Good luck on the rehab.

  2. zappoman Says:


    My current favorite bike is my new “single speed/fixed wheel” bike.

    It is a little bit more like a road bike although the geometry is pretty “upright” as opposed to the lower profile of my actual road bike. Plus the handle bars on my bike are actually straight bars with no drops. It’s tires are smaller like a road bike, but not slicks, they have some traction to them. The frame is steel but doesn’t have any suspension like a good mountain bike would.

    The main reason I like this bike so much right now, is that because it is single speed and fixed wheel, I am forced to get a really good workout when riding it. There is no rest on a single speed/fixed wheel. When I go up a hill I have no “lower gear” to switch into. And when I go down hill, the fixed wheel means there is no coasting… I have to pedal of the wheels stop moving (and I’d go flying off the bike).

    As for doing a team triathlon/duathlon, I’ve never done that, but it sounds like fun. I did the Mt. Si 57 mile relay, and it was a real blast doing the whole team relay race thing. Hopefully, my recovering will continue as well as it has been going, but maybe we should look into a team relay event some time this year!

    Have you ever done the “Mountain to Sound” relay? It’s 22 miles of mountain biking, 50 miles of road cycling, 12 miles of “paddle” kayak or canoe, a half marathon, and then a 10K. I was on a long run this summer running along the Burke Gilman trail and I saw all these runners doing the half marathon leg of the relay. It was pretty cool.

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