Another great ride tonight…

Night Trail RideRiding at night is wild experience… I have a great light. Seriously, it’s brighter than the sun! One time I went on an all night bike ride (126.5 miles between 9pm and 5am) and when I came around a corner where a bunch of wild chickens and roosters live at about an hour before sunrise, these roosters started crowing… they actually thought I was the sun coming up…. but I digress.

Even with a light this bright, you still have to keep your senses on full alert. You never know when I raccoon will come running out in front of you, or a pedestrian wearing all black might be walking along the same trail as you’re riding along. So as you ride along you see this hyper-activated world of darkness that your narrow beam of light is illuminating in real-time.

Tonight’s ride was another ride on my single speed fixed wheel. I did 26 miles in a little of 90 minutes. 17 mph is a pretty solid pace consider it was dark, and I’m riding single speed. I did about 1000 ft of ascent. pretty flat, but I had a couple of solid little hills to push up.

I’m still bumming that I can’t run, although my foot is feeling much better. The great thing about triathlon, is that you can switch up your training to other disciplines when you have an injury that effects one… so in this case I can focus on cycling and swimming.

The main reason I am eager to return to running is that I feel that is the one area where I can probably have a breakthrough season. I feel like I haven’t yet scratched the surface of my true run capability and I am looking forward to setting some real performance benchmarks this year.

Oh yeah, did I mention how cold it is out there? About 35F in Seattle. But I hit it! I hit it like it was going out of style!


One Response to “Another great ride tonight…”

  1. grinnbearit Says:

    Wow, you have to do all that in Seattle? And I complain about Virginia. It was seventy-two degrees today. I like this blog, it’s fun and adventurous. Keep up the biking adventures!

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